6 Iconic Dialogues Of Hara Pattanaik Which Will Always Be Remembered!

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Born on October 12, 1958 in Cuttack, Hara Pattanaik’s penchant for acting & direction made him rule the hearts of cine lovers in Odisha for decades. Truly, this intimidating villain of Odia films was an icon in his own distinct way. From performing incredibly in pathbreaking movies to turning superstars out of debutants under his direction, Pattanaik did it all. Having acted in over 60 films as an anti-hero including the blockbuster ones like Jor Jaar Mulak Taar & Daiba Daudi, Hara very soon became the Baadshah of negative characters in Ollywood. Besides, his direction of 19 Odia movies made him an iconic figure of Odisha’s film fraternity.

However having succumbed to cancer, Hara’s journey meandered through a lot of hardships. The 57-year-old actor, who battled blood cancer left behind fans and film fraternity members mourning on January 13, 2015.   

So just to do our tiny bit in the memory of this legendary film personality, we have handpicked some of his most catchphrase dialogues. Scroll down & reminisce these iconic dialogues! 

1. Ganga Kula Ku Asichi Jetebele Hata Na Dhoi Chalijibi  | Movie- Jor Jar Mulak Tar. 

2. Rania Pua Maaniya | Movie: Sakhi Rahiba Mo Sankha Sindura. 

alchetron.comPic Courtesy: alchetron.com 

3. Full Bobbaal | Movie: Pagala Premi 


 4. Nai Nai Nai Ma | Movie: Paradesi Babu


 5. Maa Raan | Movie: Paradesi Babu 


 6. Chakmaachurr | Movie: Arjun  

Ananya PattanaikPic Courtesy: Ananya Pattanaik

Hara Pattanaik and his iconic lines will be remembered forever. Incase you have been musing on any other dialogue of his, then do let us know in the comment box below.