5 Mocktails Available In Bhubaneswar That Will Refresh You Instantly!

City Lights: Food

Be it any season, Mocktails are a hit all the time. Especially for the non-alcoholic ones, this fancy concoction does more than just looking awfully pretty. Sipping on a refreshing Mocktail has the ultimate potential of calming any sort of queasiness as well. Also nobody would deny the fact that the mere sight of a Mocktail glass accessorized with a decorative umbrella & cherry, makes the moment utter cheerful. So, here’s the list of the best Mocktails that Bhubaneswar offers to relax and soothe your senses!

1. Bollywood Hot Crush (Hunter Bar, Hotel Crown)

Sensuous strawberry crush and luscious pineapple blended in with ice will give an absolute kick. Infact the apple or the cranberry juice drizzled on this sparking delight gives a subtle splash to your taste buds vanquishing all the day’s exhaustion. Do try it out and have a crush on it!

2. Blue Haven (Mellony)

With a sweet tang of lemonade balancing out the tartness of lime juice, the infused curacao chat masala adds a twang to this beauty constructed with perfection. It’s pretty much like portraying a colour fest in a glass. Musing over after the day’s worries, this is exactly what you will need.

3. Cellar (Mayfair Lagoon)

In here, you have the passionate mix of pineapple and apple juices which makes this thirst quencher an enduring classic. A melange of blue curacao and lemonade, this spiked fruity punch keeps the flavours uptight and never fails to impress. It can also be customized as per one’s wish.

4. Virgin Pina Colada (Ivy Bar, Hotel Marrion)

This is an incredibly innovative mocktail swirled in the coconut cream goodness and muddled with the pungent pineapple juice. As you sink your teeth in, it bursts in the fresh flavours which totally tastes class apart. This elegantly chilled beauty will not only scrub your palate between the sips but will also take you right to the tropics!

5. Litchi Colada (Rob Roy, Hotel Swosti Premium)

The tempting scarlet red litchi paired with iced tea is a match totally made in the mocktail heavens. The alluring kiwi syrup topped adds a punch of juicy crispness to this tempting criminal and you won’t regret the chilled ‘sugar rush’ that ensues. Perfect partner on any evenings alongwith your favorite companion!

Cheers to these thirst-quenching mocktails. Do comment below if you prefer any other mocktail of the city!