6 Must Visit Lassi Spots of twin-cities

City Lights: Food

There is something that the twin cities boast about during every summer season. In the narrow alleyways of Cuttack and the eclectic streets of Bhubaneswar are colourful lassi stalls which will definitely make one skip the beaches and hit the streets. While some have been there for almost a decade, few have recently started off. Here’s a list of favourite lassis’ to indulge in the hot sunny days!


Jai Santoshi Maa Juice and Lassi (Crp Square)

Absolutely smooth & sinfully delicious, the dahirabdi lassi of this place infuses the rare twist of ice-cream madness and bournvita powder in it. The unique concoctions of peda, grated coconut & dry fruits make it incredibly innovative. Caught amongst the traffic, the shop has colored bottles in display to make you stop your tracks and take notice of it.

With the cost being just around Rs 30, this lassi centre has a huge base of loyal customers who find it to be the perfect ticket to the heavens!

Daadhia Baba Lassi (Lingaraj Mandir)

Tucked away in a rustic background, one will have to delve in the alleyway to reach this 50 year old shop. The curd and & rabdi used are prepared in the shop itself and its good quality is maintained till date. Hand beaten ice-crushes & mishri water which is amalgamated will defy all known principles of taste and fusion.

The price is bit on the steeper side but the quality and flavour more than make up for the price.

Maa Mangala Lassi (Sriya Chhak)

Located in the broad lane amongst the jostling traffic crowd, the mild & creamy form of lassi served here is one of the best in the city. Pinch of heavenly rabdi tames the authentic notes of dahi to shake up sunny days. Heady punch of cottage cheese & dry fruits makes this lassi a Roller-Coaster ride of heavenly sweetness and will keep you drooling even after one glass!

Lingaraj Lassi (Shahid Nagar)

There goes this saying that if you haven’t tasted Lingaraj Lassi then you have actually committed a sin. The gorgeous rabdi added to the frothy, churned dahi gives a divine texture to the lassi making it almost right to glug in. Cherries, dry fruits & grated coconut tastefully scattered over brings in a twist of complexity with every sip you take!


Sen and Sen Lassi (Near Chandi Mandir)

Carrying on the tradition forward, the lassi offered here is an irresistible sweet shiner. Instead of grinding away, the ice slabs are squashed by hand with a stick and then added with dahi and rabdi to give a fizzy concoction. The cherries and nuts popped in ends up giving a zesty finish to the lassi.

Jay Shree Ram Sharbat and Lassi (Buxi Bazar)

An absolute refreshing delight to indulge in, this yummilicious dahi rabdi lassi calms the tired nerves that inevitably comes under the heating sun. The environment around is also unique. While having the lassi, you can feel the throbbing pulsating spirit of the silver city all around you. With splash of dramatic colors, this refreshing glass of lassi will burst the exotic flavours in your mouth.

To jaunt around the streets of twin-cities and relish on this milky semi-solid concoction makes one feel absolutely amazing. So, which one’s your favourite lassi?