6 Of The Most Innovative Startups By People From Odisha That You Should Check Out!

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Startup companies that have sweeping visions to create novel strategies are truly the high point of this generation! Moreover, with the up-gradation of technology, the services of these startups are becoming quite relaxed to use in our everyday lives. And amidst all this buzz, you would not believe how people from Odisha have initiated groundbreaking ways to aid people! While some are dedicated to impart exceptional service locally through their apps or online portals, few others have already impressed people at a national level!

We have assembled a list of unique startups from Odisha who are committed to make our lives easy through their flexible delivery or facilities! 

1) Veggie Kart

Want 100% fresh garden produce right at your doorstep on any day with just a few taps? Here comes your saviour! Beneficial to both producers and consumers, this e-commerce platform started by K. C. Mishra has brought a cheer to the denizens. Delivery to the consumer is made through Veggie Wheels and Veggie Mart after careful weighing, sorting, grading and packaging according to the need. Another addition to this venture is the provision started at 6 locations where the veggie carts will be stalled for an hour, so that one can come and hand-pick veggies of their choice.

More details: veggiekart.co.in


2) Wizy

Afraid of your bai’s ever growing demand and tantrums? Do you need some quick and hassle free assistance in maintaining your car or home? Well, Wizy app has got it all sorted! Initiated by Subrat Khuntia, this start up promises to be at call during all times according to one’s demand. From washing cars to repairing electrical appliances and working some magic through that reluctant and defunct pipeline, just as its tag line, it’s bound to make things easy. Currently operative in Mumbai and Bhubaneswar, this surely will make one ‘Feel Easy with Wizy.’ 

More details: www.wizy.in


 3) OYO Rooms

Making stays away from home fun and comfortable is what this venture aims at. Founded by Ritesh Agarwal, it started with a single hotel in 2013 and has more than 6000 hotels as of now. It provides users with standardized rooms plus ample coziness and requisite ambiance at unmatched prices in convenient locations. 

More details: www.oyorooms.com

Ritesh Agarwal

 4) Nest Away

The house hunting woes in a new city can sometimes get terrifying! But, with Nest Away, one need not reside in messy messes and crowded PGs but can land up at a decent rental house in affordable prices. There’s also the facility to help one move in and out plus it will take care of all maintenance services. No hefty security deposits to pinch the pocket and proper verification process makes this start up by Mr. Amarendra Sahu and his colleagues immensely handy.


More details: www.nestaway.com


 5) Printview

Mr. Siddeshwar Panda, CEO, Printview says that this start up is not only about printing and creating stunning masterpieces but also about innovating ways to protect the environment. The company has taken up the challenge of conserving natural resources and its main philosophy is- Going Green, Efficiently. The raw materials are derived from biodegradable ‘Biomass’ but the finished products are at par with their counterparts. With the aid of Konica Minolta, they use recycling techniques and optimum power controlling functions. 

More details: www.printview.in


 6) Grozip

Home delivery of necessary groceries, home essentials and food just got safer and easier with a pleasurable experience. With the aim to become the largest hyper local delivery in India, the founders, Anand Kumar Mishra, Surya Narayan Singhari and their team have made this start up a life saver. Having their delivery time period of only 3 hours, they provide a wide range of choices of good quality and what more, one can pay through a varied number of options as well!

 More details: grozip.com