8 Christmas Specific Foods That Will Brighten Your Festive Mood!

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Christmas! This festival isn’t merely observed by Christians but even people from other faith come together in this festive season to be a part of the merry making with their loved ones besides celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ. Christmas, the last festival of the year, is not just celebrated with much fervor & grandeur, but also with a wide range of delicacies that are preferred only during this time!

Listed below are certain Christmas specific food items that serve as a common eatery in every Christian or other households in the delightful season:

1) Rose cookies

Traditionally prepared during Christmas, rose cookies are a delicacy that’s much craved and  adored for their taste and crunchiness. Made of rice flour, sugar and thick coconut milk, these cookies might be a little tricky at first but once you get in practice, they are simple to prepare. The rose cookie mould (round mould which is flower shaped) serves to be the key player in its preoaration. Moreover, it can be done both with eggs or without eggs.

2) Christmas cakes | Fruit cakes

Prepared mostly by professionals at various bhatti’s (bakery), Christmas cakes are normally dense loaf of bread packed with cashews, raisins, walnuts besides other dried and candied fruits. A bite of these dense textured cakes accompanied by the sweetness of dried fruits is a true reminiscent of Christmas atmosphere. Moreover, if the cake is given a splash of brandy or wine, then these create a heavenly zest in your mouth.

3) Cupcakes | Sponge cake

Soft, smooth and light, this cake is appetizing and serves as a rich delicacy for any sort of occasion, but especially Christmas. Its light brown top with a brownish bottom and creamy yellow sponge cake on sides give an enticing contrast to it. The key to getting it done perfectly is the correct combination of temperature and technique, because when baked more, these cupcakes can turn out to be more of biscuits!

4) Arisa Pitha

This ‘traditional pancake of Odisha’ is yet another sweet palate to watch out during Christmas. Though it is made all the year round during various Odia festivals, but it still deserves a special mention for Christmas as well. Prepared basically of rice flour, its crispy outer layer surrounding the soft insides simply adds up to the deliciousness.

5) Elo Jhelo

Sounds a little weird, but what’s in a name, right? Elo Jhelos are the noted star fruit delicacy prepared out of small dough of maida during Christmas. These double helix DNA strand look alike dish is quite popular especially among kids, who are attracted by its interesting shape. While some prefer to opt for the sweet ones, majority prefer the savory ones just to balance the taste of delicacies consumed during Christmas!

6) Kakara | Neureos | Coconut Dumplings

With an outer covering of maida, Neureos have a scrumptious filling made from coconut. A crescent shaped sweet samosa with a crunchy exterior and a delightful centre filling made of sesame, cashew nuts, raisins, sugar (or jaggery) and others, bring in a special flavor & fragrance into the dish. Even with slight variations in the filling, these Neureos can render a luscious taste!

7) Sandbakelse, Christmas cookies

This cookie is also quiet famous during Christmas. Made of flour, butter, eggs, sugar, and almond extract with a tinge of vanilla or cardamom, Sandbakelse are the crispy form of cookies baked in special aluminum tart moulds. Normally people prefer baking the bakelse in a simple manner but do watch out for the cookie cups that are filled with jam or cream!

8) Dumplings (Pastul)

Another version of dumplings consumed during Christmas, Pastul, is as scrumptious as the Neureos but differ in the fillings. Pastul is semi circular shaped, made from a mixture of green peas, carrot, cracked lentils, and some mild spices along with minced chicken or mutton stuffing. With a crispy exterior and delectable filling, this is one of the most popular dishes prepared on Christmas!

So how many of these Christmas specific foods have you tasted? Also, if you haven’t, then do rush to your nearest Christian friend/relatives’ place and be lost in the heavenly zest of these super-luscious delicacies before the season ends!