9 Bests Of Devdutt Pattanaik That Will Let You Admire Him More!


A physician turned mythologist, author and consultant; Devdutt is hugely noted for crafting gripping tales around mythology. In fact he is acclaimed as India’s one of the best-selling myth and mythology writers who has added multidimensional perspectives to various mythological figures!

Moreover there have been moments or days when Devdutt has stunned his readers, fan-following, and even the non-followers, with his creative way of looking at old epics through fresh eyes. This article is mainly for those nine times when Devdutt Pattanaik nailed it with his fantastic approach. Let’s get started!

His exclusive take on business!

To begin with, Devdutt’s powerful interpretation of business in connection with mythology surely opens up a whole new perception for us. Like in this video, he talks of an uncanny resemblance between modern management and stories from the Bible while chatting about the world of business and their concerned hunger!

Initial work of story-telling

Myth and mythology buffs were in a state of rejoice after Devdutt’s first book, Shiva: An Introduction got published. In fact Devdutt has penned down a lot of books after his first, but this one in particular was a prelude to something extraordinary. Here Devdutt mentions about the spectacular life of Lord Shiva attempting to demystify the ancient Shaivite philosophy!


LGBTQ chronicles

More so in his first work of fiction, The Pregnant King, Devdutt very brightly touched the same-sex aspect. Considered as one of his better works, this book narrates stories of varied LGBTQ mythological characters, all packed in an intriguing plot. That apart, Devdutt’s The Man Who Was a Woman and Other Queer Tales from Hindu Lore presents an extremely vivid facet of ‘Queer’ mythology! 



Mystery of the real avatar

No doubt Devdutt leaves us pondering on every logic and thought of his, but who knew he would splendidly shake off the image that we saw in the English flick Avatar. Watch this video to dig more about the avatars than what our mind is just limited to! 

Devlok with Devdutt

Most of us might have been glued to the EPIC channel when the Devlok series was being aired. The way Devdutt uncovered the hidden secrets of Hindu mythology in this chat show was enough to trigger our thoughts about the greatness of epic tales and stories unheard!


Twitter charisma!

That’s not all! Devdutt is brilliant on Twitter as well, where he mixes valuable teachings, subjective truths and amazing excerpts from mythology that makes his timeline an always interesting read.  Plus he is pretty active with retweets besides providing links to informative news and articles! 

Offerings of sketches and illustrations

Not just his words are enticing, but Devdutt even applies magic in the way he portrays artistic illustrations. It’s like an extension of his vision that lets readers or viewers delve deep into the emotion of each moment, thus making them relate with Devdutt’s point of view! 

Lord Jagannath offering Rasagolla to his consort, Lakshmi!

Contribution towards the Lord!

Devdutt too has an affinity for Lord Jagannath and although he was born out of Odisha, he never misses a chance to visit the main temple in Puri. Back when the state was gearing up for Nabakalebara, Devdutt presented an amazing re-telling and drawing of this divine festival, that was titled and renowned as Rebirth of a God! 

As a Mid Day columnist

Devdutt appears to move effortlessly between authoring books, giving lectures and also as a prolific columnist, especially in the Mid Day newspaper for which he has written tons of articles. Primarily revolving around the topics of myth, mythology, business and religion, Devdutt’s releases are worth a read, both for the sketches and its compelling stories!

To sum up everything, Devdutt, an Odia, is essentially a champion who allows us to think the way he believes. With Myth = Mithya, Business Sutra and Shikhandi being some of his best-sellers, Devdutt definitely has got an incredible journey ahead. We will clearly be in the look-out for many more bests of Devdutt that keep us hooked with the novelty!