9 Pretty Sarees From Odisha That Every Woman Should Be Proud To Possess!

City Lights: Fashion

From textiles to handicrafts, Odisha has always been in the limelight for its fabulous execution and delicate finish. Amidst all the glories, the state’s sarees are indeed the ‘threads of elegance’ that are known and appreciated worldwide. Some of them are even treasured proudly and are also handed down to different generations for keeping the saree tradition intact!

Here’s some of the different sarees from Odisha which can never go out of fashion! 

1) Bomkai from Ganjam 

These are also known as Sonepuri Silk and are one of the popular handloom sarees of Odisha. Intricately embroidered and threaded, they are a piece of art with ikat, and comes in both silk and cotton.

2) Patta from Berhampur

Another one that’s even more renowned is the Patta sarees. Their uniqueness comprises of the typical Odissi style of weaving, crafted in temple type of designs besides having borders of beautiful zari work!

3) Khandua from Cuttack and Nuapatna

The glossy Khandua designed sarees stand out in itself for its elaborate patterns and colors that can attract at once. Overall it’s a pleasing piece of garment styled in both contemporary and traditional ways!

4) Sambalpuri from Sambalpur, Bargarh and others

While it firstly became recognised when Lt. Indira Gandhi started wearing them, nevertheless its charm is intact even till this day. The authentic Sambalpuri sarees come in varieties of ikat work and are incorporated in traditional motifs including the shell and wheel. Having this saree in your closet is no less than a matter of pride!  

5) Kotpad from Koraput

These are cotton sarees with solid borders and are dyed organically that renders a kind of richness to the cloth. While the process of making them is quite time consuming, the final product is hard to ignore. Having pleasant shades and being eco-friendly are two other reasons for owning this saree at the earliest!

6) Ikat from Sambalpur, Sonepur and Boudh

Ikat can add grace to any occasion! These sarees take several months to be created and follows a very complex weaving procedure. Preserve this Ikat garment as a timeless thing of beauty and we are sure you will never fail to keep loving it during any festivity of yours!

7) Habaspuri from Kalahandi

Named after the Habaspur village, this stunning piece is the traditional handloom of Odisha. The sarees are particularly based in cotton and have been effortlessly crafted by weavers for ages in order to keep this art alive.

8) Dongria from Rayagada and Kalahandi

This rare and elegant piece of textile is meticulously hand woven by the tribal community of Dongria Kondh. Sarees weaved are thick besides emphasizing on geometric designs and vibrant embroidery work. For any kind of formal or informal occasion, Dongria sarees will definitely suit the best!

9) Saktapar from Bargarh, Sonepur and Sambalpur

Well known as Passapalli saree, this is one of the several variants of Sambalpuri sarees. Moreover these are especially identified by the works of double ikat, in the pattern of a checkerboard (passapalli) and brocaded borders. For a classy and delightful appearance in silk, do try this saree and make heads turn!