9 Signs Which Prove You Are A True Cuttackiya!

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The only one time when outsiders get to know about a city named Cuttack is when India stages a match in Cuttack’s very famous Barabati Stadium. But for every true Cuttackiya, there’s more than just cricket matches, it’s about the aspects which set us apart from other city-dwellers. Here are some pointers which we and every other Cuttackiya would truly relate to!

1. Street food of Cuttack is our ultimate indulgence. It doesn’t really matter in which ambience we are enjoying it.

Every Cuttackiya pride themselves in the street food which the city offers. We can just keep gorging on the Kalia chaat, Kailash Paav Bhaji, Mutton chop and all other lip-smacks that are so rightly made. We stay such focused while delighting on these eatables that even the little stink of these places get ignored at times.


2. No matter how grumpy a day might have passed, a Khatti in the evening will always cheer us up.

Evening is the time when we go Khatti. Cuttackiyas have exclusive Khatti gangs and all of us just love to unwind ourselves in some discreet corners of the city where we can talk about anything and everything. While Jobra, Naraj, Stadium are the favourite Khatti hot-spots, some secluded place under a tree would also do the bit. For us, any day would seem incomplete without a Khatti.

cuttack khatti

3. Not just of Eastern India’s, we consider our Baliyatra to be the biggest fair of the entire globe.

Come Baliyatra and each of us tend to become a maritime trader in ourselves telling outsiders how this fair has made our kingdom friends with the islands of Java, Sumatra, Bali and other countries. We can preach about the grandness of this fair so much so that it will put any popular fair/event to shame!


Pic Courtesy: wikimedia

4. We have the talent to break traffic rules as a boss. It’s like we own the roads.

Where traffic rules seem alien to every Cuttackiya, we know our exact ways to trick a policeman into believing our made up stories of not wearing a helmet or forgetting to carry a license. Overtaking from the wrong side and skipping the traffic light are certain things which we all do. And yes, sometimes we even get help from our fellow commuters who let us know if there’s any inspection going on ahead. That’s how united we are!


Pic Courtesy: osrtc

5. Cuttack is so dear to us that we can go to any extent to put all alleges to rest.

Here you say any trash about Cuttack and there we are describing the beauty of this Millenium city and the historic importance it holds. Any bottled incident cannot keep us away from proclaiming the glory of Cuttack. After all, we belong to the land of dignitaries like Biju Patnaik, Subhas Chandra Bose and many others. Also back in 12th century, Cuttack was Odisha’s capital, long before its capital got transferred to Bhubaneswar. Mercy to all alleges!


Pic Courtesy: panoramio

6. For Cuttackiyas, our version of Durga Puja celebration is the most rich and vibrant.

With all the best silver filigree adornments on the idols and the uber vibrant projection of lights, our Cuttack’s Dussehra is no match to other city celebrations. From Pandal-hopping to loading ourselves on a vehicle for spotting every idol, we just love every aspect of Cuttack’s Dussehra. And the way we revel during Bhasani time on any hit Bollywood tune makes the festivity even more melodious!


Pic Courtesy: cuttack.nic.in

7. We miss everything about Cuttack the very moment we get away from this place.

No matter how much we brag about the narrow lanes and densely populated streets of Cuttack, we cannot deny the fact of how peaceful this city is. Ask a person who gets away from Cuttack and he/she will surely long for the harmony which this city provides. Truly speaking, every Cuttackiya is insanely possessive about Cuttack!


8. Damn the pizza. Our Dahibara Aloodum is an all time feast.

It’s like a morning tradition to drool on the thought of having Dahibara Aloodum. We can relish it almost all the time. The one part that troubles us the most when we move to some other city is that we will no longer be able to consume this delight. Literally, we are forever smitten by Dahibara Aloodum, also with the ones which are available by vendors on a bicycle!


9. And for us, Ishwar and Raghu can be termed as the supreme beings.

We have diffused the news far and wide that the best Dahibara Aloodum is served by Ishwar and Raghu. They are our favourite ones who with their uniqueness of serving a plate of Dahibara Aloodum have bonded well with the residents of Cuttack. It’s like the taste of their Dahibara Aloodum is on the tip of our tongue and we carry it wherever we are headed to! 


So, the next time you bump into a Cuttackiya, you know how exactly to deal with them!