All You Need To Know About 22 Bikes And Their Outstanding Initiatives!

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With the capital city adapting to everything new these days, the initiative of 22 Bikes has been a healthy and exciting transformation for the residents. Whether somebody wants to rent a bicycle or buy a brand new one, this is exactly the place where people are heading to. It is sure that the awareness and transition is slow but it’s definitely gaining momentum and we can now see a lot of wheels rolling around.

Here’s exploring the uniqueness of 22 Bikes which has been doing a lot to promote and enhance the cycling culture in the capital city as well as the adjoining places!  

22 bikes has come a long way since its inception about two years ago. After being introduced by a cycling enthusiast, this exclusive shop and its activities have been catapulted ahead by fanatics who are passionate about bicycles, accessories, sport outfits and cycling as a whole. 

It was once that Ajay Nanda, the founder of 22 Bikes, faced an incident where his bicycle broke down in Bhubaneswar and he could not find a single shop to repair it for a long time. That was when he decided to set up something which went on to be known as 22 Bikes. Ajay was earlier in UAE for two years, and even while working he never gave up his love for cycling. However when he returned to Bhubaneswar, Ajay found that there is no proper cycling culture in this city, which instantly made his passion turn into a profession.


Moreover, the name itself is interesting and has an exceptional theme attached to it. The name and logo identity of 22 Bikes came in from the influence of the revered 22 steps at Sri Mandira, Puri. The founder is of the view that someday Bhubaneswar transforms into a place where bicycles will be a popular form of urban transportation, for which they are pledged to provide much more than just a regular cycle shop. 


This entity aims at inviting and encouraging people from all walks to adopt the cycling culture for a healthy and pollution free living. Since the beginning, they have collaborated with the Bhubaneswar Cycling and Adventure Club (BCAC) and have conducted road trips to various places. At many-a-times, these cycling excursions are even organised for a reason like gender freedom, friendship, peace and various others. The participants for each trip has people as young as 15 years to as old as 52 years, defying the fact that cycling has got anything to do with age.


Starting from its maiden ride in June 2015 from Bhubaneswar to Dhauligiri, on the occasion of International Yoga Day to the recent Vietnam – Cambodia International Cycle Tour which stretched from Hanoi to Phnom Penh, 22 Bikes has undertaken many expeditions. 

Here’s presenting a detailed insight of some of their memorable road raging trips: 

The Bhu-Bhu Trip (October 2015)

In a first of its kind initiative of 22 Bikes to take their trip International, six cyclists of Bhubaneswar Cycling and Adventure Club covered a distance of 1252 kilometres from Bhubaneswar, to Thimpu in Bhutan in 12 days and passed through various cities and districts of Odisha, then West Bengal and lastly of Bhutan! The objective of this tour was to upkeep Odisha’s friendship with Bhutan through the common thread of Buddhism as well as to promote cycling culture in our state! 


Konark International Cyclothon (November 2015) 

In an effort to boost bicycle culture in Odisha’s tourist places, a cyclothon was held at Konark with about 600 participants including 50 foreigners who traversed a distance of 40 km, along the route of Konark-Puri. This event was also graced by many renowned cycling teams and celebrity cycling enthusiasts including the well known Ollywood celebrity, Siddhanta Mohapatra! 


Bhubaneswar to Vizag Trip (August 2016) 

This was to support the Indian players at Rio Olympics. About 20 enthusiastic riders from Bhubaneswar set out on a journey of two days which even included senior bureaucrats in its list of participants. They braved all odds and completed the trip rightly patronizing the saying that, “When the going gets tough, the tough ones get going.”


Vietnam – Cambodia International Cycle Tour (November 2016)

And the one trip of 22 Bikes which hit the news lately is this, where a team of 6 cyclists flew from Kolkata to Hanoi, and started cycling from there along the coast of South China Sea. After traversing through many places in the mean time, they made it to Ho Chi Minh City. Thereafter, from Ho Chi Minh, they cycled to the land border of Cambodia at Bavet. They went on for two days to reach Phnom Penh, from where they flew back to Kolkata. In a span of 15 days, they cycled 2002 km with a purpose to spread the message of friendship and peace! 


Apart from the amazing trips they organise, 22 Bikes is also known for the unique services offered in their store. They rent and sell branded bicycles like Scott, Raleigh, Giant, Suncross and also deal with customised ones. Moreover, a novice is provided with the best beginners’ tips for the choice of cycle, accessories, posture of cycling and other health advice. In addition, they also repair old and broken bikes giving them an enhanced makeover.

With their upcoming outlet at Cuttack, these guys are hell bent to push Bhubaneswar and the nearby cities towards a healthier tomorrow!