All You Need To Know Before Hiking The Mahendragiri Mountain Peak Of Odisha!

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Mountain calling is true and when an adventure awaits in the hills, YOU MUST GO! Not the first, but here we take you on a visual trip to the second highest mountain peak of Odisha, which is too beautiful to be real.


Mahedragiri Mountain stands at a height of 1501 metres as a prime geographical landmark in the Gajapati district of Odisha. With lush and rolling landscape, Mahendragiri is stunning enough to be featured in a typical Bollywood romantic movie!

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Getting there is half the fun! It can be strenuous to reach the top of this beatific destination but the rewarding views on the way are something that will motivate your feet or bike to move ahead. With clouds engulfing each turn and thick greenery encompassing every corner, climbing atop Mahendragiri is just amazing!

As your trail will ascend high into the mountain, the sight of changing vegetation will also seem charming. Mahendragiri is renowned for its tremendous and varied biodiversity including the different kinds of lichen found only here. You can also catch a glimpse of its rich fauna habitation apart from several small streams!

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This remarkable trek will also be enhanced as you pass several temples replete with legendary mythological and religious tales! There are temples of Lord Shiva and Parashuram besides the gorgeous shrines dedicated to Bheema, Kunti and Yudishtar.

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And once you finally reach the top of this mountain paradise, all you have to do is to soak in its peaceful solitude that is loaded with a fresh life free from tension and traffic!

Mahendragiri is really a magical journey from start to finish, a naturally dynamic panorama that will catch you by surprise.  Its powerful presence has captivated a lot of tourists, mountaineers and trekkers in the past, and we are sure after reading this you may soon plan to hike the spectacular Mahendragiri Mountain Peak!



1) Reach Paralakhemundi which is 115 km from Brahmapur via Ichhapur - Palasa.

2) From Brahmapur to Paralakhemundi via Digapanandi-R.Udayagiri and Rayagada

3) 126 km from Brahmapur via Ichhapur-Jarada-Kaipur and Paralakhemundi.

Through any way, you need to reach at Burakhat Pass, which is the base of this mountain peak.


NOTE: Not many accommodation provisions are available, except an Ashram near the Kunti Temple. However it is advisable to carry your own tent, food and water for making your journey last long!