ASI Bhubaneswar To Excavate At Two New Sites In Niali And Talcher

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The Archeological Survey of India (ASI), Bhubaneswar has been granted approval to carry out excavation at two sites in Odisha, which include the archeological mound at Bharti Huda in Jalapur of Niali in Cuttack district and another mound at Jhariamba village in Talcher in Angul district.  

Both the excavations will be carried out under the guidance of the superintending archaeologist, DrDibishada B Garnayak. Excavation at Talcher site is scheduled to begin in the last week of October while excavation at Bharti Huda will commence from December.

Talking to MCL about the excavation projects, Garnayak said, “Both are important sites andmight help unearth some significant historical incidents that may have happened in the region. While Jhariamba is a Buddhist site which dates back to the Mauryan period, Bharti Huda is a prominent site from the Chalcolithic age.”

Meanwhile, camp establishment is set to start from October 15 and a preliminary survey for trench trail layout will be done in the initial phases.

“We are very optimistic about the Talcher site and if the trail trenchyields important findings, further excavation would be carried out at Ratnagiri. We are hopeful that the site will help us unearthearlier Buddhist establishment in the central Odisha on the bank of Brahmani river,” added Garnayak.

In July this year, archeologists discovered a Buddhist pillar inside Praneswar temple, which the villagers of Jhariamba worshiped as Shiva linga.“The pillar is an imitation of Ashokan column and is worshiped as Shiva linga while other pieces of the pillar are lying scattered insidePraneswar temple premises. The villagers are supportive and have agreed to cooperate during the excavation work. Initially, we will excavate in areas adjoining the temple to find the upper portion of the pillar,” he informed.

Similarly, archeologists of ASI during an exploration at Bhartihuda, also known as Prachi Valley had discovered the prehistoric mound. The Chalcolithic potteries retrieved from the site consist of red ware, red-slipped ware, chocolate-slipped ware as well as black and red ware. Perforated ware, miniature pots, ring based pots, bowl on stand among others were also found from the site, which are very similar to those found in other Chacolithic sites in Odisha – Golabai Sasan and Suabarei.