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Odia Samaj In Delhi Gears Up For The Odisha Parba 2017!

It’s yet another chance for the Odias to rejoice...

  • Apr 26,2017
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This Tribal Girl From Odisha Has Won Four National Awards Until Now!

Talent can sometimes be found in the most unlikely...

  • Apr 17,2017
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  • Mar 19,2017
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  • Mar 15,2017
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Checkout These Most Amazing Modern Dhabas In Bhubaneswar!

There’s nothing like eating in a Dhaba! Although...

  • Jul 17,2017
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With The Days Getting Hotter, Here Are Some Cool Places To Hangout!

With the Sun giving serious competition to people ...

  • May 25,2017
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13 Famous Odia Festivals And Their Important Delicacies!

While food and festivals complete each other, we m...

  • Mar 27,2017
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Where To Avail The Most Delish Desserts In Bhubaneswar!

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but Bhubaneswar is no...

  • Mar 09,2017
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Get Over Dahibara Aloodum, These Are The Trending Street Foods Of Bhubaneswar!

Bhubaneswar may be home to the classic Dahibara Al...

  • Mar 09,2017
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  • Jan 12,2017
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  • Nov 07,2016
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  • Sep 26,2016
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9 Best Places In Bhubaneswar For A Delightful Breakfast!

It has indeed been rightly quoted by the American ...

  • Aug 27,2016
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Nature, Adventure And Fun! We’ve Got The Best Picnic Spot For You!

With tamed destinations like Nandan Kanan, Puri an...

  • Mar 31,2017
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Evil And Awesome: The Most Spectacular Ollywood Movie Villains Of All Time!

Evil minds, nasty expressions and cunning kille...

  • May 15,2017
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  • Apr 23,2017
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  • Jan 09,2017
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11 Famous Odia Comedians Who Have Been Our All Time Favourites!

The Ollywood fraternity has never lacked in its st...

  • Nov 22,2016
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These Are The 5 All Time Inspirational Women From Odisha!

Their passion, versatility and excellent skills ha...

  • Aug 09,2016
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These Sand-art Creations Of Sudarsan Pattnaik Are Simply Exquisite!

Sudarsan Pattnaik, the 39-year-old sand artist fro...

  • Jul 08,2016
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Not from stones, this temple in Odisha has been carved out of wood!

Ever heard of a second Konark Temple in Odisha? If...

  • Feb 14,2017
  • 1531

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The Very Sacred Gurudwara Singh Sabha Of Bhubaneswar!

Truly enough, there is no place like a Gurudwara w...

  • Feb 10,2017
  • 2009

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  • Jan 08,2017
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12 Exclusive And Authentic Odia Festivals That Are Auspiciously Celebrated!

Festive fervour is the best fever. These occasions...

  • Jan 01,2017
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Goddess Biraja, The Only Goddess In Odisha To Have Her Own Chariot Festival!

Since time immemorial, virtues have eternally p...

  • Oct 07,2016
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Here’s All You Need To Know About The Essence Of Khudurukuni Osha!

Festivals bring with them loads of fun, merry-maki...

  • Sep 11,2016
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Let’s Go Shopping In These 6 Fashionable Designer Stores Of Bhubaneswar!

Nowadays there is no such fashion in Bhubaneswar t...

  • Apr 04,2017
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Interesting Magazines From Odisha Which Are Must Read!

When it comes to magazines, we can’t stop readin...

  • Jun 22,2017
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All You Need To Know About 22 Bikes And Their Outstanding Initiatives!

With the capital city adapting to everything new t...

  • Dec 08,2016
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17 Unique Traits Which Every Typical Odia Will Relate To!

The state of Odisha as well as the Odia culture ar...

  • Nov 24,2016
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6 Of The Most Innovative Startups By People From Odisha That You Should Check Out!

Startup companies that have sweeping visions to cr...

  • Sep 30,2016
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7 Best Places In Bhubaneswar Which Conserves Rich Flora For Nature Lovers!

All of us are enticed by the therapeutic aspect of...

  • Aug 15,2016
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The Maiden Venture Of Ollywood Named ‘Sita Bibaha’

Way back in 1936, little did the folks of then Odi...

  • Feb 14,2017
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Our Favorite Ollywood On Screen Couples Of All Time!

Love and romance have always been the central them...

  • Feb 14,2017
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18 Most Memorable And Iconic Dialogues Of Odia Movies!

Movies may go on to become a hit or might flunk at...

  • Nov 17,2016
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An Exclusive Interview With Dilip Tirkey And Some Lesser Known Facts About Him

For most of the hockey followers and viewers, Dili...

  • Nov 25,2016
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  • Sep 25,2016
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  • Oct 10,2017
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