Biswa Kalyan Rath: The Only Stand-up Comedian From Odisha To Make National Audiences Drunk With His Humour!


It’s only been a few years that India has given rise to talented stand-up comedians. While previously comedy was just limited to Bollywood's mimicry, these young and witty ones are now changing the dynamics by steadily pulling crowds away from movie theatres to stand-up shows and online channels. Much hyped these days is Biswa Kalyan Rath from Odisha whose tall and lanky figure combined with his crackpot jokes has drawn an ever-widening audience. In the almost nascent Indian scenario of stand up comedy, Biswa is the one and only from Odisha who has made national audiences drunk with his humour.


Born in 1990 in Bhubaneswar, Biswa completed his early education from various schools across Odisha. An IIT-Kharagpur pass out, Biswa later quit his job at Oracle to do something unconventional. Now renowned as a fabulous Indian stand-up comedian & the amusing You Tuber, Biswa knows exactly how to tickle the audiences’ funny bone. Oozing dollops of confidence on the stage, here are some Biswa’s videos which you should really see, if you a fan of comedy, at all!


1) The Bollywood Laughter Riot!

It was the intelligent and slapstick punches on Bollywood movies, which made Biswa alongside Kanan Gill to gain notoriety & overnight fame on YouTube. Right after their amazingly funny video clips of Pretentious Movie Reviews, Biswa had amassed a large following of loyal fans and rose to fame commercially. Kalyan’s straight-forward humour did a lot to spice up their takes on Bollywood flicks. If you haven’t yet, then check this video to laugh like a maniac! 

2) Putting Life into Inanimate Objects

Never before a fan, bicycle, bike or just a nail-cutter might have felt so valuable since its inception. But Biswa is the one who made superheroes out of these lifeless yet immensely useful objects and nails each thing with his honest observations. In case you are inquisitive about the Fan & Blanket Disease or want to know why the nail-cutter is designed such, then do check this video!

3) A Roast on Obscene Content

F*CK. Because nobody can figure out what the star stands for. Yes, by saying so Biswa has made it dead clear that the exclusive star in FUCK is simply redundant. Such is his impeccable dig on the censored materials that even the awkward moments of our lives will get hilariously faded away. His open take on dirty jokes says it all.

4) Comedy Bits about Fruits

One can go bananas on the way Biswa has compiled the best comic act out of something as general as fruits. His delicious banter might have crossed our subconscious minds at least once, but none of us would actually care to deeply debate about fruits. Only Biswa could have talked such highly on incompatible fruits like pomegranates and bananas. Treat yourself by not missing this video!

5) Poking Fun at India’s Version

We have to accept that India is a colourful land of certain funny stereotypes. While some of these have technically been inherited, others are plainly customized by cool ones of our era. Owing this to the western culture, Biswa takes a funny stand on how English assists the youth these days to REPRODUCE!

6) Odisha Troll by THE Odia

Biswa proclaims himself to be the fattest guy in Odisha. Well, that’s a joke in itself. Such is his charm that he doesn’t even mind cracking puns about himself and on Odisha, which according to his audience is Biswa’s birth land and some exotic state on India’s map. Surely enough, the Odias might have overjoyed and mimicked Biswa’s, “Jibana ta dukho, Sansara ta mohmaya.” Watch this video from 3:40 to get the exact Odisha feel!

7) For Character Obsessed Ones

It is a true fact that to maintain our character in real life, we can surpass any extent. Biswa brought to screens with his unbeatable script on how a cry baby, a young person and others love to strengthen their self-made characters. And according to him all is done to simply portray, they exist! The ones in a doting relationship might be able to best relate with this video.

 Let’s put our jaws together for Biswa Kalyan Rath and we hope that eventually more stand up artists emerge from Odisha. Even the ladies’ out here can try and get chucklesome. Because it’s sometimes only about uploading a humorous anecdote on YouTube to make yourself hilariously popular, overnight!

Featured Image Courtesy: ytimg