Book ‘A’ Wash: A Hassle Free Car Care Service At Your Doorstep!

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While most of us own a car these days, it gets difficult for us to take time out to maintain the vehicle. Even worse is finding time to give it a wash at the best. So if your car has been lying around dusty and you haven’t had the time to drive it to the service station, ‘Book ‘A’ Wash’ brings you an easy solution to the problem with its doorstep car wash service.

Initiated by three youngsters hailing from various professions – Santosh Sahoo (software), Bhagirathi Panda (construction) and Amit Kumar Samal (photographer); this new start up is providing convenient at-your-door car wash and automated car detailing services across different areas in Bhubaneswar at reasonable charges. To get the service, all a customer has to do is place a call on 9237772226 and within half an hour, the ‘Book A Wash’ team arrives to give your car an all clean look!

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Talking to MCL about their start-up, one of the founders Santosh Sahoo tells us, “Besides doorstep car wash, we also offer automated car detailing services at the customer’s place as we have integrated technology into the mechanical car washing process.And the service is available for all segments of cars, from small cars to luxury.” 

They started this unique initiative because they found out that while the number of cars in the city is increasing at an alarming rate, the number of service stations is quite less in comparison. Besides, most people today face time constraints and therefore find it difficult to drop their cars at the service station, let alone monitor the entire process. Even worse, if it is raining or a holiday, people at the service station are not available for work. Then, there are issues like untrained or ill-mannered workers. So, all these factors put together, they decided to provide hassle-free and reliable services to all car owners at their doorstep, which eventually would also save their valuable time. 

So, when did this idea start taking shape, to which Sahoo replied, “One day, all three of us had come together for this party when my friend Bhagirathi casually pointed out how dirty my car appeared and how it was in dire need of a wash. That’s when I started explaining all the typical problems I face when it comes to giving a wash to my car. And that’s how the idea struck that we could start such a service in the city!” 

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Elaborating on the homework they did before launching their start-up, they informed that they studied the market and did a lot of research. Infact they visited a few metro cities to know the services being offered there and the process. It was the Bangalore market that really inspired them. And then a month back, they started it in Bhubaneswar. Interestingly, they have washed more than 200 cars in the city so far. 

On being asked about their USP, Sahoo explains, “When we go to a service station, we can see how the workers waste water on a single car despite the fact that Bhubaneswar has a water scarcity issue. However, we use only four to five buckets of water to wash a car and that too using the latest technique within a reasonable time period. We do not use any spirit or harmful products. And, the best thing is we provide complete car solutions including underbody and interior cleaning, interior detailing and wheel washing. We also provide some additional services for which we charge an extra amount from the customer.”

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Their vision is to provide convenient and quality service to the city people for which they have designed our price chart as per the vehicle. For hatchback cars, they charge Rs. 299, for sedan it is Rs. 349, for SUV they charge Rs. 399 and for luxury cars, it is Rs. 499. That apart, they have a scheme wherein if a person has two cars, he or she can get a discount of Rs. 50 on the second car. They also have a customer service team to take care of any complaints coming from the customers. 

As per their future plans, in the next two months, they are going to launch an app for their services though they would continue to provide services on call basis too. Although they are expecting that 70 percent of customers would access through app, those not too tech-savvy, particularly the older generation may prefer making a phone call for availing services.