Named After Odisha, Orissa Kelly Is An Acrobatic Archer Who Performed In Britain’s Got Talent As Well!


It is pretty common to have known states and countries being entitled after great people. Infact Bharat itself has derived the name from Prince Bharata, the son of King Dushyanta & Shakuntala. But it’s somewhat peculiar to be knowing a person christened after a state. However, when we bumped across the name of Orissa Kelly, there was only an iota of suspicion that she might be named after the state of Odisha (former Orissa). We reached out to this immensely talented acrobat, and the moment she confirmed herself to be called after this glorious state, we just got overwhelmed.

So, how is Orissa Kelly named such? Perhaps you would love to take a peek into the interesting story of this extraordinary performer of Britain’s Got Talent 2016 besides other stupendous breakthrough!  

Orissa Kelly’s birth has been considered to be a miracle in her family. Shunning all hopes of not being able to have another child, Kelly’s parents once travelled to Odisha. Only on this trip did they realize of having their heart’s desire to come true. Since then, their wondrous daughter has been named as Orissa Kelly. This was her parents’ way to symbolize their fondness towards Odisha where they had been so overjoyed for being blessed with a daughter. 


Over all these years, Kelly has adored this name. Just like her novel acrobatic profession, she feels her name to be unique as well. On being inquired by others about her name’s strangeness, she gladly responds to be called after one of the incredible Indian states which is so close to her heart. Moreover, Orissa prides on being named after Odisha, which she feels is exquisitely rich in culture & serves some relishing dishes. We simply couldn’t have agreed more to her!



Well, has there been any vivid memory which Orissa Kelly recalls of her birth-state? Yes, there are! Kelly reminisces herself to be spending a lot of time in the beaches of Puri, back when she was a little one. Building sand-castles & swimming in the sea are her favorite childhood reminders. Interestingly, on her trips to the caves here, she has often been chased by the monkeys, who did not mind considering Kelly as one of them while she used to practice her acrobatic skills. 

The 21-year-old Kelly currently dwells in London, but she has often travelled to Odisha for worshipping Lord Jagannath. While has seen the magnificent temples of the state, her last trip to Odisha on 2013 has allured Kelly towards the grandness of Konark Sun Temple. She loves visiting Odisha for a spiritual retreat & even preaches in front of all about her state’s distinctiveness.

Orissa Kelly at Konark Temple Odisha

Kelly lives the lifestyle of a highly talented acrobat. Foot archery is her main skill wherein she is involved in shooting a bow & arrow from unusual acrobatic positions. It also includes aiming the arrow from her feet in a handstand pose. Unbelievable as she is, Kelly has solely trained herself from a very young age to be the best in her moves. She even innovated her act with the arrow on fire and thereafter became the only person in the world to perform fire foot archery. At 11 metres, Kelly holds the world record for the longest archery shot made by her feet. Now she travels all over the world to perform splendid acts! 


Most recently, Kelly featured in the 2016 series of Britain’s Got Talent where she stunned the judges’ and audiences with her sensational tricks. Moreover, she has been fortunate enough to perform for Queen Elizabeth II, the Prince of Saudi Arabia and London Fashion Week as well. Kelly considers her biggest achievement in building a career from an ordinary circus performer to now charming royalty and millions on TV, a dream which she thought was almost impossible to achieve. 



And one day, Kelly wishes to go back to India & perform in Odisha, after which she was named. It was infact the stories of great Indian archers, Lord Ram & Arjun which inspired Kelly during her early days to pick up this brilliant trick. Performing in Odisha is hence definitely on her list and she would love to woo the Indian audiences with her magical acrobatic archery acts. All we can say is, “Orissa Kelly, you are eagerly awaited in India, especially in the state of Odisha,” 

Watch the unique archery act of Orissa Kelly on Britain’s Got Talent 2016: (VIDEO)