Checkout These Most Amazing Modern Dhabas In Bhubaneswar!

City Lights: Food

There’s nothing like eating in a Dhaba! Although these days fancy and modern Dhabas have replaced the raw feeling of the original ones, yet the craving for it remains the same. Bhubaneswar even has some amazing places where the flavors of food is rustic and the interiors are almost like a Dhaba.

Location: Plot 79, Chandaka Industrial Estate, Near KIIMS Hospital, Patia, BhubaneswarLocation: Plot 79, Chandaka Industrial Estate, Near KIIMS Hospital, Patia, Bhubaneswark to the old-fashioned Dhabas, here’s where you should be for a scrumptious experience!

1) Jungle View Restaurant

Team up your visit to Nandankanan with this amazing food joint. Surrounded by lush greenery and lined in bamboo styled seating areas, this place is bound to give you a holistic highway dhaba experience. Even its shiny steel utensils which are very typical of a Dhaba will totally lure you in.
Foodie Tip: When the chicken and mutton have the word bamboo as suffix, please don’t overlook. Also try the Emu and Gunduri dish!

Location: Outskirts of Nandankanan, Bhubaneswar

2) Jaalazza – The Urban Dhaba

With the ambiance exactly like that of a Dhaba, decorated with rustic woodwork and old Bollywood movie posters, this is the city’s favorite go-to place. Dim lit interiors, interesting graffiti, perfect North Indian Dhaba menu and affordable pricing will make this your simply irresistible hangout!
Foodie Tip: Baingan Masala and Paneer Handi are huge hits. If you want to plan a birthday party with buddies, this will be the right address.

Location: Plot 79, Chandaka Industrial Estate, Near KIIMS Hospital, Patia, Bhubaneswar

3) Nakli Dhaba

Relating to what is called a posh Dhaba, this place speaks delectable from every corner. Not just its food, but the courteous service, live music and interesting ambience will certainly entice you for more visits. A bit on the higher side, Nakli Dhaba is specially meant for those who won’t mind spending much for an excellent experience.
Foodie Tip: Try its Mushroom Babycorn in desi style, and Methi Corn as well!

4) Yummies Dhaba

The outer looks of this Dhaba has already created a buzz in the city and foodies, bloggers, photographers are always lined up here to relinquish the relishes offered. With wooden legged furniture, boundary made from raw bamboo sticks and brick like walls, this place is surely promising!
Foodie Tip: Go and try out whatever you like. Have your heart’s fill and let us know!
Location: 307, District Centre, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar.

5) Kalinga Cottage

Mural painting, brown and rusty wall decor, lanterns and other items pertaining to rural areas give it an eccentric feel of dhabas dotting across highways in remote areas. A quiet place with dusky hues all around this joint is hit among college goers. It is not only pocket friendly but also great on the taste and quantity of food.
Foodie Tip: Chicken Manchurian and Lollipop, Hakka noodles not only rule your pockets but also your taste buds.