Get High On Food At Chill Ummm

City Lights: Food

If you ever feel confused about a hang-out place in the capital, Chill Ummm should be where you need to head to. With a contemporary restaurant, gaming café and an irresistible variety on menu, this is the perfect destination where you can chill while enjoying a yummy meal. Besides, they have some special flavors for the Hookah lovers as well. Too many reasons to rejoice!

Strategically located at the upcoming neighbourhood of Patia Square, Chilli Ummm has already become a hit among youngsters and not without reason. From Continental to Oriental, the restaurant has something to offer to each one as per their taste buds.

One can enjoy appetizing starters like Mexican potatoes, Jalapeno peppers or Thai Ginger Chicken before moving on to the excellent pastas or pizzas prepared from freshly handmade dough. Its Chinese noodles or the sizzlers are rightly as covetous as its risottos and continental main course. The Chill Ummm special vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacy of Family Garlic Bread is superb. And, all this is at a reasonable price!

Add to it the hookah and youngsters in particular have all the reasons to enjoy and have some great fun. In fact, the gastronomes also have the option to choose from the different interesting flavours of hookah while lounging in a cosy setting detached from the main restaurant.

There’s something very quirky about Chill Ummm. While the food is appreciated by the customers, the decor combines an interestingly carved ‘selfie wall’ with a modern 3D installation artwork in its private party banquet hall.

This eatery is however not all about food and drink, there is a game and activities zone for the young to chill out at. While the thrill of Play Station will keep you hooked, Laser Tag is another interesting attraction to enjoy if you are in a group. Undoubtedly, Play Station is where the kids and the youth gang up at for excitement when at Chill Ummm.

So, the next time you are in Patia and looking for a great option to eat out and chill at the same time, do not forget to pay a visit to Chill Ummm. For sure, it will become an interesting addition to your happy-to-return-again list of eating joints!