Creative Ideas To Make Reading Fun For Children!

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Reading is so much fun. Once children develop an interest towards reading, it transports them to some other world. The imagination soars. At times kids may find the books wild or laugh out aloud while reading. It creates suspense, drama, thrill and also enhances you’re their knowledge. Reading can also occasionally create rambunctious party between two pages or covers.

Here are a few interesting and fun ways to encourage your child to read.

Visit a bookstore or library

Take your child to a bookstore or library once in a week or fortnight.  Let him choose his book. Once you reach home, read it together. When a child chooses a book on his own he feels really encouraged. A visit to a bookstore or library gives a child an opportunity to start his journey of identifying the books that he would love to read.

Buying books 

Let the children choose and buy their books. As a parent, you may put a limit as to how much a child has to buy. Encourage him to use his pocket money to buy books. You may also fix a monthly budget to make the child understand as to how much he needs to spend. This way he can become responsible as well as a good decision maker.

Prepare an alphabet book

Draw each letter on a sheet. Attach some more plain papers to each alphabet sheet. Teach your child to go through various magazines or newspapers to find out different words beginning with that letter. Glue the letters together and form a book. This way he can get an exposure to new words and enrich his vocabulary.


Organise a small excursion or picnic where kids can enjoy and read in a fun way. There can be a competition to read and comprehend a story. Ask them to check the surroundings if any of the objects match with the words written in the story. This can be a fabulous game.

Make audio or video story

Children love it when you record their voice or make a video. Add visual effects, sound effects to jazz it up. If your child has memorised a story or a few lines, just record it and show it to him. He will feel super happy to see himself on the screen or listen to his own voice. Let him play the record and repeat the story.


Role play does the magic. Kids love to dress up and perform. Give them a story and ask them to perform and enact it. Make them wear the costume as per the character of the story. Their imagination soars and it helps them to get engrossed in the role.  You may start with the easy characters and then move on to the difficult ones. Every time, challenge them to do something different.

Follow the menu

In some stories you may find the names of various dishes are mentioned. Try those recipes with your kids. This encourages them to master their culinary skills and remember the story for the rest of their lives. Make your own oatmeal porridge from Goldilocks and the Three Bears, or try to re-create parts of the Grinch’s Christmas feast. Kids have fun and they love these activities.

Frame a book

Find your kid’s favourite book. It is time now to frame the lovely cover page. Let your child pick the frame and decorate it. Give him all sorts of decoration material such as glue, ribbons, sequins, feathers, stickers, etc. He can keep it in his bedroom and recall the story or its characters whenever he will look at the frame.