Different Kind Of Cuisines Available In Bhubaneswar And Best Places To Grab Them!

City Lights: Food

There are varied cuisines available these days, and this has somehow widened the expected preference of a person on his platter. To much delight of people residing in Bhubaneswar or those visiting the capital city for a quick trip, the food and cuisine choices have become way too endless! As listed below, we have managed to suit the palate of every kind of food enthusiast who simply loves to explore a new dish on any fresh day. So, read on and take your pick!

1) North Indian

Rich in spices, vibrantly coloured and reflecting the essence of true dilwales of Northern India, the dishes are bound to bind one’s heart. From kebabs to dal makhani and the non vegetarian delight like butter chicken besides the veggie blessing of chole bhature, one will simply fall in love with the North Indian cuisine!

If budget is not a concern for you and you just want to satiate your cravings for zesty food at a splendid place, then here are your paradises; Nakli Dhaba (Mayfair Lagoon), Mirch Masala (The New Marrion), Bollywood (The Crown).

If it’s not payday and it’s nowhere near, but your taste buds still refuse to stop, then you might want  to check out; Shiraz (Unit-4), Lal Qila (Patia), Narula’s (Ashok Nagar).

To try out dishes like samosas, tikkis, chaats etc. on a lighter side you can go for Shree Kunj  (Jaidev Vihar), Gupta Sweets & Chaats (Nayapalli).

2) South Indian

Exotic spices, remarkable presence of rice, coconut etc. and any dish with a ‘dum’ to it is essentially South Indian in origin. From the much known range of breakfast dishes to the universal culinary favourite biryani and the resplendent payassam, South Indian cuisine never fails to woo one completely.

If there’s a craving for exquisite dishes in a classy environment with amazing service, then we have got it sorted! To celebrate the foodie in you, go find a perfect haven in these joints; Chandan (Swosti Premium), Super Snax (Mayfair Lagoon), Khaaja Chowk (Hotel Ginger, Jaydev Vihar).

However if you just wish for a pleasant family day out or friendly treat, amidst good tasting South Indian meals, then you can try out Venus Inn (Bapuji Nagar), Keyar’s (Shahid Nagar), Shree Vineeth’s (Master Canteen).

3) Odia

From the humble arua bhata and dalma to the legendary pakhala and the vibrant chingudi bhaja or chicken kassa, the list of amazing Odia dishes is really unstoppable. Feeling nostalgic already? Yes, indeed it’s one’s mom who make the best Odia dishes but in case of being away from home,  these places mentioned for best Odia dishes is definitely that one should go for!

If you are visiting Odisha and want to have some authentic Odia dishes, then head towards posh  places like Trident (Jaydev Vihar), Kanika (Mayfair Lagoon) which will let you enjoy the true essence of Odia food in an elegant environment.

Easy on pocket and to give you a homely feeling while trying the exclusive Odia dishes, then the places would be Dalama (Unit 4), Shola Ana Odia (Patia), Odisha Hotel (Chandrasekharpur).


On delightful days, if you want to have delectable Chinese food without thinking about the pricing of the menu, then go for Mainland China (Nayapalli), Lemon Grass (Mayfair Lagoon), Confucius (Swosti Premium), Shanghai Express (Hotel Marrion).

For a fun day or an occasional hangout with your dear ones, opt for Silver Streak (Nayapalli and Shahid Nagar), XO Café (Laksmi Sagar), Chill Ummm(Patia). Rest assured they have good ambiance plus amazing service!

Be it quality, quantity or reasonable price, if you are exceptionally picky, then places like Taste of China (Bapuji Nagar), Quick Pick (Patia), Richard’s Kitchen and Coffee Bar (Patia) will never dishearten you!
5) Continental

Breads and tarts baked to perfection, optimally roasted lamb, chicken and veggies either skewed or grilled, continental dishes not only fills one with pleasure but also provides a flash view of exotic European dishes.

On any given day, be it a hungry or not so hungry you, these places will mould you into indulging in them by their sheer presentation. Served in an exotic way, you will feel like having the dishes once you have a glimpse of it. Bound to land you at a level of immense satisfaction are Michael’s Kitchen (Near Sainik School), Bling It On (Hotel Marrion), Breeze (Pal Heights).

6) Italian & Mexican


The main dishes which strike when one hears Italian is pizza and pasta, right? But that apart, there is even an amazing list much to the gladness of  foodies. About Mexican,  what more can we say! There are mojitos, varieties of wraps, lasagne, sumptuous quesadillas etc. to cheer up everyone!

If you nourish a true food lover in you and don’t mind having exquisite dishes served in an assorted manner, then with no second thoughts head to places like Mamma Mia & Tea Pot (Mayfair Lagoon), The Sizzle (VITS), Bling it On (Hotel Marrion).

For a nice evening with your buddies, a romantic day out with your beloved or even a family get-together, these places will surely delight you with terribly good food, state of art ambiance and a healthy crowd; Wrap Up (Shahid Nagar), Tyre Patty (Shahid Nagar), Adda (Patia).

7) Oriental & Thai

Inclined more towards the spicy category, luring wantons and dimsums, specially prepared oyster sauce, extensive use of peppers are the portrayals of authentic Oriental & Thai dishes that will leave one reeling under their tangy effect!

When taste of the food, good company, ambiance of the restaurant, perfect price on the menu come together in unison, you can have the best time of your life. For this sort of amazing experience, try out joints like; Victoria Oriental and Thai Restaurant (CRP Square), Shanghai Express (Hotel Marrion), Zaika (Pal Heights)