Dipsan Tirkey, The Young Defending Wizard Of Indian Junior Hockey Team!

City Scape: Sports

The tribal belt of Odisha has given rise to many sporty & athletic people who have elevated the state’s popularity to a formidable high. Take for example, Dilip Tirkey whose fame & game is still intact in the Indian hockey arena. Now another such exemplar of this particular region is Dipsan Tirkey, who hails from the Sanamara village of Sundergad district. Born on October 15, 1998, Dipsan is one of the most promising defenseman in the hockey league, who has already exhibited his limitless potential. A sense of athleticism oozes from this young player, the moment he steps on to the field.

At 14 years of age, Dipsan made his presence known when he became the youngest member of Hockey India League (HIL) and played for the Kalinga Lancers team. Since then, Dipsan has already registered many scoring points under his belt for his team and is now its core part. It is worthwhile to mention that this young Indian defender was picked by Kalinga Lancers franchise for a staggering price of USD 31000 for the 2016 edition of HIL where he wowed the spectators with his impressive performance. His expertise in tackling the matches reflect how an accomplished defender Dipsan is at such a tender age!


From the time Dipsan debuted in HIL, there was a certain spark which made him blossom into a young defensive star. Dipsan’s representation in the Indian Junior Hockey Team as a vice-captain has always remained a standout and his pivotal role during Sultan of Johor cup is one of high acclamation. He was also declared the Indian Junior Hockey team’s captain to partake in EURAsia Hockey Cup 2016. And pertaining to his commendable leadership, Dipsan’s side emerged victorious where he was also immensely praised by many International critics. The list just does not stop here, since there are even more accomplishments to his name!


Although Dipsan is yet to enter the prime of his career, his abilities have been no less than any other stalwart sportsperson. Interestingly, Dipsan has been quoted as saying that he further desires to win the Junior World Cup which is scheduled for December 2016 and also wants to get selected as an important part of the Indian National senior team. Moreover, there’s a particular eyeing for the game of Olympics by Dipsan. By expressing so, there’s no doubt in our mind that he could definitely get there.


With such dazzling qualities as of a budding sport-star, it is sure enough that sky is the limit for this youngster!