Evil And Awesome: The Most Spectacular Ollywood Movie Villains Of All Time!


Evil minds, nasty expressions and cunning killers!! The antiheroes keep us glued to our screens and have us loathing at their negativity. Yet these bad guys possess a charismatic character which remains etched in our memory. So who do you think is or was the baddest in Ollywood film industry?

Listed below are a few villains whom you might have detested at some point but also may have appreciated their atypical roles! 

Hara Pattanaik

His masculine voice rendition, unique style of costumes, nefarious body language and iconic one liner-dialogues set him apart in Ollywood. Hara always personified the role of an antagonist with a flair that still remains unbeatable.

Geeta Rao

Showcased as a shrewd mother-in law, dominating wife of an innocent man or the rude landlady in most films, this woman actually made us think that she was too cute to be cruel. Outshining her male counterparts, she made her character stand out in every movie.


Asit Pati

This chubby man has the looks of an immensely tyrannous villain. In fact his recent feat as a producer in Revenge in which he played the role of a bad boy was highly appreciated by cine lovers.


Rai Mohan Parida

The only characteristic which defines him is that of a baddie, be it in an old man’s avatar or a rowdy young guy. In his entire career, he performed a positive role play for just once, as a police man. Starting his career from stage plays (Jatras), he has come a long way in the Ollywood industry. 


Miniketan Das

At times he is the main villain and sometimes he even acts as the main villain’s accomplice. From long flowing tresses to a bald look, his menacing expressions and manly voice can actually make people frightened of his role. 

Binodini Devi

Quite popular these days for her roles in daily soaps, she played a vicious bad girl’s character in her prime days of movies. With a definitive pronunciation style and elongation of certain words in a satirical way, her dramatic roles are exemplary.

Samaresh Routray

From a hard core terrorist to a mafia and a cunning politician, Samaresh pulls off every role with complete justice. Apart from being a popular cinema antihero, his name is also renowned among the television artists.

Manoj Mishra

Emanating a perfect persona of masculinity, this dark horse of Ollywood has rendered characters of an angry young man in many flicks with an unmatchable elegance. He has even been a part of Tamil and a Kannada movie besides adjudging various reality shows.

Dukhiram Swain

This artist had more than 50 flicks to his credit in a span of four decades and he majorly enacted the role of an oppressive and treacherous zamindar. A generous man and a linguist in real life, people mostly saw him in notable negative characters!