Best places for lip-smacking street foods in twin-cities!

City Lights: Food

“Street food, I believe, is the salvation of the human race- Anthony Bourdain” And who could relate to this quote better than the street food lovers of Bhubaneswar & Cuttack. Be it any time of the day, we are just so ready to devour any street food that comes across. But there are certain places in the twin-cities which serves the irresistible street-eats. The Mexican foods are a delight while the divine Dahivada tops the list, anytime!

Here are some famous hubs serving the most delicious street foods in the twin-cities which we simply cannot say no to:


Ram Mandir (Khau-gali)
It’s a visual treat when one enters the zone of Khau-gali. The array of delectable food items ranging from authentic Chinese to Mexican will slurp you away. Anything more interesting ?? Yes, the concept of food trucks was incepted here and particularly the Qdoba food truck is where one should halt at. Their Mexican relishes like enchiladas and tortillas are classy. That apart, the prawn pakodas and fried ice-cream are unbeatable.

Shaheed Nagar: (RD College front)

This place literally spoils the youngsters, college-goers and just anyone with the mouthwatering spectrum of food delights. It’s more like the ultimate ground zero for street food. Mumbai’s Vada Pav and Chicken gupchup are the specialties here. Save the drools because there’s more to this area. While the pastas and baby-corns can fill one’s mouth with pleasure, the savoury Chaats and sandwiches will elevate the taste even more. And how about concluding with the highly favorite Kala-Khatta Chuski? Divine indulgence, we must say!

KIIT Road:

Although the KIIT Road is dotted with many exotic restaurants, the street food hub right outside its campus is an immediate enticer. For a Lebanaese shawarma lover, this place better be the Mecca. Rarely found, here one can get Wai-wai as well. All of it is so rousing that it will certainly not let one’s calories be on check. But who cares, anyway?


Gauri Shankar Park:

There’s no limit to entertainment in this place. One gets to unwind in the park besides greedily gorging on the yummiest street food delights. Ask any Cuttackiya, and snap will be the reply that Kailash Pav-Bhaji and Chaat are foods of this zone to die for. The smell of every flavor combined is so exotic that any passer-by is forced to stop and take a quick bite. Besides, there are ample treats to keep one’s mouth busy. Hungry already?

Naya Sadak:

It’s a major business center and arguably one of the oldest and best places for street food in Cuttack. While the morning hours are reserved for Idli and Pitha lovers, the evening sets in with people spicily munching on Pani-puri and DahiVada. Named as Pipal Ghatta Chhak, this place is anytime packed with an extra punch of flavorsome delights. For the best Papdi-chaat and Jhalmuri do go a little further into the lane.

Barabati Stadium:

The famous Barabati Stadium stands facing to a big field. And Khatti in this ground is a lot tastier than one can ever imagine. Name any street food, and it’s right there. But the real deal are the momos, chaat and mouthwatering Dahibara accompanied with the spiciest Aloodum. Walk down to Café Corner and forget the taste of CCD’s coffee, for once and all. Their Coffee and Chocolate shake is that good, total bliss!

So, which one’s your favorite street food place and how often do you frequent any of these hubs?