For The First Time, Mainland China In Bhubaneswar Has Come Up With An Amazing Asia Kitchen Festival

City Lights: Food

Food connoisseurs can now relish the exotic aroma and flavours of Asia in their own city! Mainland China has come up with an ‘Asia Kitchen Festival’ from August 18th – September 17th, bringing in the best of dishes from the kitchens of Thailand, Korea, Bangkok, Shanghai, Japan, Indonesia and of course China. This is the first time the hotel has brought together Pan Asian cuisines under its roof so that the guests can indulge in pure gastronomic delights!

Chef Indraneel Bhattacharya from Kolkata and his team have done their best to give something new to your taste buds using special ingredients like kafir Lime, galangal, Thai basil, lemon grass, Japanese soy and so on. With a variety that can leave you spoilt for choice, the festival is already attracting the foodies in the city who are ready to try out all the new dishes on the menu.

From a Crispy Vegetable with Kafir Lime and Chilly Tiriyaki in the starter to Thai Green Curry and Assorted Vegetables in Thai Herbs or a Korean Barbequed Pepper Chicken in the main course, there is a sumptuous variety on platter! Since Odias love their rice for lunch, the chef has included dishes like Lemon Fried Rice, Chilli Basil Fried Rice, Nasi Goreng and Mee Goreng for all rice lovers. Of course, since Odias also love to gorge on non-veg dishes, the chef has included an enviable variety in the menu from Terayi Chicken to Prawn in Sambal Sauce.

Not to forget, noodles, being a prime dish in Asian cuisines, is also available in different flavours in both veg and non-veg sections.

According to Vice President of The Crown, Abhigyan Talukder, “The young urban global Indian is becoming more and more adventurous in experimenting with new dining formats and flavours. This is the right time for a brand like Mainland China to have such a festival because Bhubaneswar is a gastronomic city and with the onset of festival season, it attracts a surge of tourists and NRBs on holidays. The response of visitors, so far, has been overwhelming”

Dinesh Kumar Dash, an engineer at Jindal Stainless Steel who is a regular at Main China tells us, “This is the first time Mainland China has come up with such a festival and being a popular brand in the food industry, the expectations of customers would be sky high. But I can confidently say that they would not be disappointed since all the dishes are delicious.”

Shila Singh, a housewife, who was also seen enjoying her meal, further says, “Though I was not aware of such cuisine, I am enjoying the taste. It’s really been a good experience for me.” Echoing similar thoughts, Sushmita Jena, another housewife, adds, “The prices are also affordable. I hope Mainland China will bring different flavours with a new theme next time as well.”