Four Amazing Hot Springs Of Odisha That You Must Soak In!

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There’s truly nothing like taking a warm dip in a natural hot spring and to soothe the body with its mineral-rich water. Healing and medicinal values apart, the experience of soaking in the spring water can provide immense pleasure as well. Like many other states, Odisha too boasts of incredible hot water springs that provide a spectacular sight and an amazing bath. Here’s a rundown of four of the best ones!

01 ) ATRI

As pretty as it looks owing to its picturesque landscape, this is one hot spring you would want to dive into. Nestled close to Bhubaneswar in Khurda district, Atri is famous among visitors as a spectacular attraction for its sulphur-rich water that is known to possess therapeutic and Ayurveda healing powers.

The central spring water eventually flows into four bathing pools, two each for men and women. Moreover, this hot spring is emerging as a popular picnic spot owing to the idyllic places located alongside. There are some amazing temples in its close vicinity, with the temple of Lord Hatakeswar making up for a nice view.

Distance from Bhubaneswar – 42 kms


A well known pilgrimage place as well as a noted water spring, Deulajhari in Angul is one of the most exquisite hot water springs of Odisha.

The sulphur enriched water actually originates from below a Shivaling, thus attracting various religious attributes towards the place. There are as many as twenty-four water springs surrounding Deulajhari which impart visitors a peaceful and spiritual experience.

Interestingly, as per the local belief, there were a total of eighty-four springs here, many of them which are concealed within the lush jasmine forest nearby.

Distance from Bhubaneswar – 173 kms


Taptapani, literally meaning hot water, is yet another alluring name in this list of famous hot water springs. Rich with doses of sulphur, the spring is made more beneficial for tourists by reserving the water in an adjoining lake where people bathe to get rid of skin ailments.

This is an incredible place to soak for hours in the rejuvenating hot water and its location atop a hill elevates the feeling in a spectacular way. With a temperature ranging from 90-100 degree Celsius, Taptapani is really a stunning spot to be!

Distance from Bhubaneswar – 174 kms


A cluster of hot springs dotted over an area of 8 acres is what makes Tarabolo in Nayagarh district famous among the visitors. Apart from the healing property of its water, Tarabolo’s scenic beauty and panoramic views makes it an ideal picnic destination as well. The place even features an annual fair on Maghasthami at Goddess Kaltheshwari’s Temple when a lot of devotees throng this divine site!

Distance from Bhubaneswar – 75 kms

This miraculous gift of nature is breathtakingly beautiful and unbelievably beneficial at the same time. So don’t miss a chance to visit any of these places.