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It’s that time of the year again! The time for vibrant hues and shimmering lights, the time for savouries, the time to deck up and decorate! With Diwali around the corner, people have already started with the preparations to welcome the festival of good fortune and prosperity.But with the market flooded with all sorts of decor, it might be quite an ordeal to pick the best ones to decorate your house.

So, to make it easy for you, My City Links brings you a guide on how innovatively you can deck up your house and make your Diwali a bright, vibrant and memorable one!


Serial lamps: Most commonly called lichi lights, these tiny rice lights or serial bulbs are available in different shapes, sizes and attractive projections with seven colourful bulbs that resemble the row of diyas. If you are worried about the kids at home disturbing or playing with diyas, buy serial lamps in meters based on your requirement and decorateyour house with lights that are safe for children. These lights come in different price range starting from Rs. 40 and onwards. For those who are looking for more innovative lighting, these lights come in kalash and traditional diya designs too.

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Crystal Lamp Bulb: Are there less provisionof plug-ins in your house and the wires are too short? You can plug in and play seven colour LED with 360 degree rotating crystal lamp bulb, which can suffice as the best replacement. One can operate it at one colour or go the disco way. It lights up the entire room and the price starts only from Rs. 300.

Paper Lanterns: Follow the oriental style of paper lanterns for the delicate, exotic yet beautiful decoration to light up the entrance of your home. These are mainly used on the stairs, balconies and hallways, or at the windowsto create an illusion of space and add a touch of grandeur to the house. The simplest ones would cost as less as Rs.100 and the price can go up to almost Rs. 500 and above for the more ornate ones.

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Artificial Rangoli: The age-old custom to decorate the house with colours has always been in trend. Living in apartments with little space and guests around, it gets difficult to keep the beauty intact. Here, artificial rangoli comes as the best choice. It is also perfect for the rangoli lovers who are willing to beautify homes with best rangoli designs but aren’t good in the art of making it. There are basically sticker rangolis available in different kind of materials like kundan, paper, plastic, glass and much more.It ranges from Rs. 100 to Rs. 3000.

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Toran: The single most important adornment your door deserves, the pretty flowers or glossy beads – torans are warm and welcoming and perfect for the festive charm. The best part here – you can fashion an eye-catching toran, one that speaks of your personality and the beauty of your home. A pretty toran for a single door may cost you as less as Rs. 50 only.

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Wall Hangings: There are a variety of traditional wall hangings available in the market. One can choose between terracotta or cloth wall hangings. Handicrafts made of cane and bamboo shoots can also make brilliant wall hanging items that start from a price range of Rs. 300 and onwards.

Wall Stickers: Want to get thewalls of your house painted or textured by experts to give it a festive look, but too busy for the hassle? Well, try adding a nice wall sticker that enhances its beauty. This can be installed quickly and easily, and comes with great options in colour, size and design. It’s price starts from Rs. 50 onwards.

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Earthen lamps: Diwali without diya is always incomplete, and earthen lamps are the simplest and cheapest of all decor. It can be found in different shapes and sizes, plain and painted, figured and decorated. One can place it in an array on the roof and window edge or surface decoration. The cost starts at Rs. 10 depending on the sizes and artwork.

Terracotta: Handmade terracotta diyas are very popular. Available in vibrant colours,beautiful artwork and decorated with intricate bead ornamentation, they are available for both wall hangings as well as surface decoration. The price starts from Rs. 45 onwards.

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Matki-shaped Earthern Lamps: These are wax-filled pot shaped earthen lamps that are crafted with beads and pearls to make them look enchanting. These fit perfectly with door-edge and rangoli center piece decor. You can buy this for only Rs. 25.

Metal Decorations: These come in silver, gold, iron and brass. They may be available in a set of five to seven small diyas embedded with carving of Lord Ganesh or with one flower shaped diya at the centre and others encircling it. Diyas of strong metal can be reused over the years. These are mostly used in the puja room or during the puja and the price starts from Rs. 200.



Floating Candles: The trend of floating candles can never be out of season. All you have to do is fill a bowl with water and place some floating candles in it. You can even add flowers to the bowl for fragrance or ven add on some other decorative items. One can place it as table center piece or in kitchen bars to set up a relaxing festive mood. These comes in sets and are available from Rs. 100 only.

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Decorative Candles: For those who want a simple yet catchy decoration, replace regular candles by decorative candles so that they look beautiful, lit or unlit. An assorted set of these candles may cost you a minimum of Rs. 150.

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