“I Have Always Had A Passion For Any Exercise That Involves Memory Power” Says Brahmanand, A Guinness World Record Holder!


After a record breaking marathon speech on ‘Science and Technology, Society & Human Development’, Brahmanand enters the Guinness again this time for identifying all elements of the periodic table in the fastest possible time.

It took him less than four minutes, three minutes and 54.06 seconds to be precise to rattle off all the names of the elements of the periodic table, and that is how city-based agricultural scientist, Pothula Srinivas Brahmanand, created another Guinness World Record in September last.

Before identifying all the elements of the periodic table in the fastest possible time, Brahmanand had his name in the record book for delivering the longest marathon speech on ‘Science and Technology, Society & Human Development’ for 33 hours and 46 minutes at KIIT University, Bhubaneswar during September 8-9, 2012.He had also delivered a marathon talk on ‘Ideology and spiritual concept of Swami Vivekananda and its relevance to present day society’ for 38 hours and 21 minutes during February 18-20, 2014.

Crazy about doing things that most people find difficult, Brahmanand, in fact, wants more records in his name in the days to come.

A follower and admirer of the principles and philosophy of Swami Vivekananda, Brahmanand is a principal scientist at ICAR-Indian Institute of Water Management (IIWM). After completing his bachelors’ and masters’ degree in agriculture, specialising in Agronomy at Agricultural College of Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh, he cleared the Agricultural Research Services (ARS) examinations securing an All India second rank. Thereafter, he has been serving at IIWM.

Born in 1973 in Elluru district of Andhra Pradesh, his hobbies include reading books and playing table tennis. Brahmanand also loves to spend time with school children and give enthusiastic counselling to them as it gives him happiness to interact with people.

A successful scientist, Brahmanand has been a proud recipient of three awards from the Ministry of Agriculture (ICAR) and two awards from Ministry of Home Affairs. He has also been honored with Rajbhasa Award (2010-11) by President Pranab Mukherji in 2012. MCL caught up with P S Brahmanand to know more about his interests, experiences and journey.

Excerpts from an interview:

How does it feel to hold so many Guinness Book of World Records?

I feel glad and spirited and highly thankful to the Almighty and my parents, Pothula Nageswara Rao and Koteswari Devi, for their blessings. It has been made possible only with the extraordinary support and cooperation from my wife Swarnalatha, sons Sasank and Samhit, family members, friends and relatives.

What preparations did you make for creating such records?

 I had gone through most of the topics related to science and technology, society and spirituality for a period of about 15-20 days (2-3 hours each) as I had to deliver an extempore speech for creating my first Guinness World Record in the ‘Longest Speech Marathon’ during 8-9 September 2012. Similarly, I had tried to synthesize the philosophy of Sri Ram Krishna Paramahansa and Swami Vivekananda for about 25-30 days (2-3 hours each) for my second marathon speech during 18-20 February, 2014.  As far as my present record of identifying all elements of the periodic table in the fastest possible time is concerned, I had to spend about one hour a day for 10-15 days to remember all of them.

What techniques did you use to memorise the entire periodic table?

I have always had a passion for any exercise that involves memory power. That also helped me tremendously while delivering during the longest speech marathon. I am highly inspired by Swami Vivekananda’s ideology and his thoughts on acquiring power of concentration. I strongly feel I have used his suggestion while attempting this record.

How much effort and time did it take to remember all the elements?

I was always aware of all elements of the periodic table. And, I used to update my knowledge whenever some new element was added to the existing list. However, to identify them in the fastest possible time, I used to practice for an hour a day for 10-15 days at a stretch before I attempted the record.

You are already a successful scientist and you have unique records to your name too. Is leading the way and setting examples, a passion?

 I always believe that human potential is immense and nothing is impossible as opined by Swami Vivekananda. I am highly inspired by his noble ideology and principle of optimism. This feeling drives me to manifest my best energy available inside. I also would like to motivate our youth to take up tougher tasks for the benefit of the society and I think achieving these records will help me share my views with them. That’s also the reason I find them giving more attention to my thoughts during my motivational speeches.

How did you manage to give such long marathon speeches?

I chose topics that were close to my heart and mind. That helped me to be involved wholeheartedly while delivering the speeches, which is very important. That is also the reason why time just flew for me while I spoke. Besides, I had also planned the basic structure of my speech as per my strength in some specific sub-topics, which in turn helped me memorise the things with ease.

From where do you get the motivation that keeps you going?

I get motivation from great souls like Sri Rama Krishna Paramahansa and Swami Vivekananda and that eventually gives me an opportunity to mould myself as motivational speaker and inspire our youth with their ideology and spiritual concepts.

What role did your work and family play in your achievements?

My profession is related to research field which requires thorough planning, execution and professionalism. My profession for sure has helped me do the accurate planning for my record events. My colleagues have also helped me tremendously during these events. I would like to thank Dr. Achyuta Samanta ji for providing KIIT University as a venue for my Guinness event. I would also like to thank all my friends especially Shri Praveen Kumar, IPS, Shri Satya Sabt, IPS, Shri Ramachandrudu, IAS, Shri Aravind Padhi, IAS, Dr. Prabhakar Nanda, Principal Scientist and Dr. K.G. Mandal, Principal Scientist. I would also like to thank the electronic and print media for giving wide coverage to my record. My wife and both my sons have extended complete support and cooperation required for successful attempt of this event. They used to remain with me during the practice hours, infusing the much-needed moral support.

Do you have any plans to attempt any other Guinness World Record in future?

Yes, of course. I plan to attempt another Guinness World Record in the fastest category in the days to come.

It seems you also do a lot to spread the message of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. You have also made a short film on the subject. Tell us about it.

I assist my Institute in ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ and I also like the basic idea propounded by our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji. I have made a short film based on this abhiyan. The idea of making a short film came to me when I received an email from mygov.in regarding a Swachh Bharat Film Festival organised by Government of India.

What’s next for you in the near future? Any new goals you want to reach?

I have been delivering motivational talks in educational institutes and other organisations regarding ideology and optimism principle of Swami Vivekananda which keeps me spirited throughout and hence this mission will continue in future too. I also plan to author two books on “Are you ready to manifest” and “You can achieve Guinness World Record” in future.