“I Want More People To Donate Organs After Watching My Film,” Says Snehasis Das!

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Documentary filmmaker Snehasis Das’ “Spandan”, a short feature film that gives an inspiring insight into the vital concept of organ donation, will soon be screened at ‘Sweet as Film Festival’ in Canada. Featuring Ollywood actress Gargi Mohanty in the lead, Spandan features the human side of advanced medical science where a person will continue to live in another human’s body even after death through his/her donated organ.

The film propagates the idea through the story of the inner turmoil of a wife who decides against religious prohibitions to donate the organs of her husband whose brain is dead from injury and is living a vegetative life on a hospital bed with no hope of recovery. Meanwhile the film also captures the impact on someone’s life benefiting from the donation. 

The film was first premiered at the IDCOL Auditorium on World Kidney Day in June and garnered a huge response from the audience while also getting rave reviews on social media.“I hope this film would encourage more people to donate organs to patients who struggle for organ transplantation as their last chance of survival,” says Das.


Narrated with honest and intimate emotions, the film highlights the concept of organ donation, but also offers a perspective of the moral and ethical dilemmas behind modern medical science. Though the film was primarily planned to be filmed as a documentary, the human angle in it demanded a touching story telling. 

“The film depicts the mental battle that donors and their families undergo before making a decision in a positive light. No other area of medicine can literally save fading lives and restore them to good health in such a way. Organ donation apart, I deliberately wanted to make a woman the central character of the film since I believe that women are good at taking critical decisions in the family. If we can influence the mindset of women in our families, our society will definitely become more accepting to progressive concepts.” says Das. 

Das who has been consistently making documentaries and short films specifically focused on socio developmental and environmental issues says he was approached by an organisation ‘Mother’ which works extensively for the cause of organ donation. Subsequent research on the subject further sparked his interest in the cause resulting in the film. Whilst the film’s screenplay and concept was given by Das, the story has been written by Sovan Das. 

Meanwhile, Das has already started work on his next project that shares a positive story about millet farming and its advantages in the Kandhamal district of Odisha.