I Want To Be A Famous Model In The Days To Come, Says Ankita Mohanty

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Be it ramp walks, being a part of reality shows or anchoring for entertainment programmes, Ankita Mohanty has done it all! She has also been an amazing coordinator of various national level entertainment programmes in western Odisha and across twin cities. Ankita became a household name when she secured a position in the semifinals of the reality show ‘Miss Kalinga’ that aired in a private TV channel. My City Links caught up with the aspiring model to have an exclusive conservation.

So, what interested Ankita as a child?

When I was a child, I loved to sing! As my mother is a good singer, she had given me good training in music. I was also interested in anchoring and started nurturing my talent by performing in entertainment programmes of B M Bagurai High School and Bhadrak Junior College. That apart, I had an urge to be a model too! So, I eventually followed all my dreams. My parents have always supported me. My father is a well-established and skilled tabla player and being an artist himself, he could understand my passion.

Why were you attracted towards modelling?

I don’t know why but I was always interested to become a successful professional model. I came to Bhubaneswar to make a career in modelling after completing my B. Tech degree. And, it was only in Bhubaneswar that I got good opportunities to showcase my modelling talent. I participated in the reality show ‘Miss Kalinga’, which was a turning point of my career. I got acknowledgement as a model and people came to know me by my name. One of the popular female singers of Odisha, Arohi Ajita, and renowned ad film director Avinash Nanda motivated me to go ahead in the field of modelling.

How was your experience in the reality show ‘Miss Kalinga’?

I had a great experience during ‘Miss Kalinga’. Generally, auditions in Bhubaneswar are tough as compared to the other auditions across the state. I am very happy that I was chosen to participate in ‘Miss Kalinga’. The show got models from all across Odisha and it was nice that I was able to learn many things from them. Of course, I was very nervous before the show as it was for the first time that I was going to face the audience on small screen. But the atmosphere during the show was very exciting and with support from all the participants, it became easy for me to overcome my nervousness. Thanks to the jury members, I also got to know what one should keep in mind and do to become a known model at national level.

What, according to you, is essential to become a successful model?

Of course, success isn’t a thing that one gets so easily. One has to go through rigorous struggle and face many difficulties to achieve it. Dedication should be the number one criteria for anybody who wants to taste success. I wake up early in the morning and practice some exercises and yoga that keeps my body and mind active and stress free. I prefer to eat small meals at regular intervals rather than eating heavy meals at a time. Through this I maintain my body shape, thus staying fit and slim.

What are your future plans?

I want to see myself as a professional and famous model at the national level in future. I have been working towards it and will keep trying to achieve this objective in my life. I am sure if the blessings of all the elders are with me, I will definitely succeed.