IIT Bhubaneswar Lights Up Future Of Children Through Electrification Of Kansapada Primary School

City Lights: School / Campus Buzz

Bhubaneswar, November 11: IIT Bhubaneswar, since its establishment, has not only been spearheading technology and scientific knowledge base in the state, it has also been involved in various developmental and community based programmes. Thus, in an effort to provide basic facilities to the children and overall development of various schools in local villages, the IIT Bhubaneswar has a taken a major step by installing Solar DC power in Kansapada Primary School near IIT Bhubaneswar, Argul, Jatni which would provide ample electricity to the school.

The programme was executed by School of Electrical Sciences (SES) of IIT Bhubaneswar under project planning. The complete budget has been financed by the Planning & Convergence Department of Govt. of Odisha under the sponsored project ‘Solar Powered DC Distribution System for Domestic Electrification and Rural Application’.

Prof. N. C. Sahoo and Dr. S.Mohapatro of SES, IIT Bhubaneswar are the principal investigator and co-principal investigator respectively for this project. In this electrification, all the three rooms of Kansapada Primary School have been provided with lighting and fan loads.

Prof. R V Raja Kumar informed, “Apart from lighting and fan loads inside the classroom, the lighting loads for outside area and street lights have also been provided. The system has a battery backup and is provided with timer arrangements with an automatic switch on/off mechanism. At present, the total connected load is roughly around 200 W. Thus, with installed generation capacity of 600 W, there is enough scope for future expansion of the school with some more lighting and fan loads.”

“This is the first step that we have taken for development of schools nearby the institute. We would try to identify more such schools in need and will extend our help,” added Raja Kumar.

Feature Image Courtesy: www.theeducator.com