In Conversation With Author Ravinder Singh

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His love story with readers started 10 years ago and the affair for sure hasn’t fizzled out. For someone who became an instant hit among the youth with his first book, ‘I Too Had A Love Story’, Ravinder Singh has come a long way celebrating a decade of the success of his debut novel.

Considered one of the successful romantic novelists of the current times, Ravinder’s books - ‘Can Love Happen Twice?’, ‘Love Stories That Touched My Heart’, ‘Like it Happened Yesterday’, ’Your Dreams Are Mine Now’, ‘Tell Me A Story, ‘This Love That Feels Right’ - have all been hugely appreciated.

The young and talented author, who has spent most of his childhood in Burla, Sambalpur and has worked for a considerable time in Bhubaneswar, was back in the city to interact with his fans on the occasion of the successful completion of 10 years of ‘I Too Had A Love Story’. Excerpts from an interview

‘I Too Had A Love Story’ has completed 10 years. How do you feel about it?

It feels nostalgic as I remember the time when I had firstly started penning down the novel. To take up the challenge of writing something for the first time makes me feel proud.This is one of those novels of mine which has really connected with people, and I feel utterly satisfied for having accomplished that!

How has your journey as a writer been so far?

A lot has changed! The transition from once working in an IT sector in Bhubaneswar to becoming a writer is something I had never even imagined. I must mention that my life has been like a roller coaster ride in which things happened just by chance. To sum up everything, I feel happy about the fact that I have been able to transport the most negative aspects of my life in literary format which is being liked by my readers.

Your fans are eagerly awaiting your next book. When is it going to hit the market?

My new book titled ‘Will You Still Love Me?’ will release on February 14. It is a love story of a girl belonging to the scenic hills of Shillong and a boy from the Shahi city of Patiala who need to sort out their own set of problems to keep their love alive. This will be my sixth book and I hope that it’s well received by the readers. Apart from the nationwide promotion, we are also doing an International launch of the book in Dubai.

Do you think love stories are more popular among school and college students than other age groups?

This might not be true! I think many readers across various age groups love reading love stories. Such stories majorly depend on how the story telling is done and on the format in which it’s presented. There will always be a market for love stories.

Lately it has been observed that prominent writers are facing problems as the publishing houses give them a time frame to finish off their book. Do you think it’s restricting the writers in any way?

Well, I don’t know much about these things, but if such things are happening then writers will definitely lose their freedom of writing creatively. Being a writer, I feel they are free not to sign any contract. Every author has freedom to take his own time to bring out his creation.

You often visit Bhubaneswar. What do you love about this city?

I love everything about this city. Before becoming a writer, I worked in Infosys, Bhubaneswar for five years, so this place has always been special for me.

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