It’s ‘Only Pyar’ And Nothing Else, Says Supriya On Working With Babusan

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Although it was her first film, she swept off hearts with her acting and dancing skills in ‘Love Paen Kuch Bhi Karega’. Actor Supriya Nayak who entered the glamour industry through Sarthak Channel’s reality show ‘Mu Bi Heroine Hebi’, is now all set to impress her fans again with her second film, which is about to get released soon. This time too, she has been lucky to star opposite Ollywood’s superstar Babusan. The 18-year-old actor talks to My City Links about her upcoming film and future aspirations. Excerpts from the interview.

Tell us about your upcoming movie Only Pyar’.

I had taken a break of one year after the release of ‘Love Pain Kuch Bhi Karega’. I was waiting for the perfect character to come my way. Director Tapas Sargharia Sir, who is known for bringing in a fresh element to the style of film making in Ollywood, be it in ‘Tu Mo Love Story’, ‘Ishq Tu Hi Tu’, ‘Kalki’ or ‘Hero No 1’ approached me to work in “Only Pyar”. I agreed since it had a unique story and not only for the lead actors, there is much detailing that has gone into defining every single character in the film. 

Most of the movies made are based on love stories. How is ‘Only Pyar’ different from them?

Love is an essential part of our lives, and thus of our movies too. Although the emotion of love remains unchanged, we always try to represent it in a new way. This film is an example of how to stay dedicated in love despite all obstacles and difficulties.

How did your career in Ollywood start?

I have always loved cinema and wanted to be a part of it. Even as a child, I have done theatre shows. Before entering the industry, I have appeared for many auditions and participated in Sarthak Channel’s reality show, ‘Mu Bi Heroine Hebi’ where I became the first runners up. There on, I got the offer for working in ‘Love Pain Kuch Bhi Karega’. That set the ball rolling.

I was only 16 when I gave the audition for Tapas sir’s movie ‘Kalki’. He had then, laughed at me, as I was very young to play the lead role. He made me understand why he would not cast me. Now, when I am all of 18, I am glad that he considered me for his film.

Who do you look up to as an actor?

In Bollywood, Rekha and Deepika are the two actors who inspire me, whereas Mahasweta Ray and Rachana are my all-time Ollywood favourites. These days, I follow Ileana D’Cruz.

Not only your debut film, but also your second movie is with Babusan. Why are you being paired only with Babusan?

Well! It’s ‘Only Pyar’ and nothing else (chuckles). Jokes apart, the audience appreciated our onscreen pairing and the film did well. Subsequently, I got many offers. Nonetheless, I am happy to get an opportunity to work with him again. He is, after all, Ollywood’s superstar and my favourite too!

There’s been a recent controversy surrounding Anubhav Mohanty and Elina Samantray. What will you do if you find yourself in a similar controversy with Babusan?

It is always in our favour as actors if the audience admires us as a pair. In fact, it is a good thing for us professionally. However, being actors, we would equally prefer to work with any other actor. As far as the controversy is concerned, this is my second movie with Babusan and he comes across as a very professional person. We both are serious about our work and, at the same time, share a friendly rapport with each other. I don’t think there will be any controversy. 

Picture Courtesy: Update Odisha 

The name of your first movie was ‘Love Pain Kuch Bhi Karega’. Can you really do anything for your love in real life?

Love is not always limited to your boyfriend or girlfriend. I love my work, my parents, and many other things. We work so hard to complete a movie, because I love my work. So, I can say I will do anything for my love.