Jhoom Sports Club, The New Sporty Lifestyle of Bhubaneswar!

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Raahgiri isn’t the only place where Bhubaneswarites are enjoying a variety of sports activities. Jhoom Sports Club near Infocity has also raced into the hearts of denizens, within a few months of its formation. Offering a plethora of options to the fitness and sports crazy population of the city such as ATV biking, go karting, horse riding, automatic bowling and much more, Jhoom Sports Club is slowly and steadily making its presence felt in the city.

Stating that Jhoom was initially started as a horse riding club, proprietor Ruchika Mohanty tells MCL, “Every state has a riding club except for Odisha. There was only a horse riding club of OUAT (Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology) but it was a government backed initiative. The state had no private club for horse riding so we decided to build one of our own. In a government backed horse riding club, you only have two years to practice and learn. After two years, you are not allowed to practice any further. But in private clubs, you can practice right from the stage of junior to senior and also after that. There is no age limit. I was into horse riding and I had faced this problem and therefore I didn’t want others to face the same situation.”

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They have three horses at the moment and they provide the necessary attire and helmet needed for horse riding besides trainers. Of course, if you are a guest, you have to sign a risk bond every time you ride a horse and also while go karting. However, those opting for a course have to sign it once before starting the course.

There are three courses for horse riding – basic horse riding course which is of four months costing Rs. 16,000, advanced course of seven months costing Rs. 24,000 and professional course for a year for Rs. 36,000.

sporty Lifestyle

Besides, there are two coaches to train the members and the club also has plans to take them to national and international events in the future. But it isn’t horse riding alone that the sports club promotes. Spread across two acres of land, the club offers as many activities for indoor as outdoor. Apart from horse riding, go karting or ATV biking, one can also play badminton, table tennis and cricket in the club! There is also a small golf court for practicing.

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Talking about the fee structure, for horse riding, if you are a guest you have to pay Rs. 300 for 10 minutes whereas the members are allowed 15 minutes at the same price. Similarly, for go karting, pay Rs. 300 to avail five laps if you are guest and if you are a member, you can avail seven laps. In fact, if you are a member, you can also come with your set of friends and they too can avail seven laps. For ATV biking, guests have to pay Rs 300 for five laps while members can avail seven laps. For junior ATV biking, guests have to pay Rs. 100 for 10 minutes while members get five minutes extra at the same cost. For automatic bowling, pay Rs. 100 and you get four overs if you are a guest and six if you are a member.


If you want to become a member, you have to pay a total of Rs. 25,000 for an annual membership. There is also a special discount of 20% for students. Membership can be renewed every year by paying Rs. 5000. That apart, a 50 percent discount is given to friends and spouses of members.


While the number of members in the club is increasing with every passing day due to its popularity, guests too are falling in love with this one-of-its-kind facility in the capital. “I have come here many times and I mostly opt for go karting. I love the way they have maintained the tracks here and the best part is that they care a lot about the safety of people,” says Nivedita Jena.

There are also certain future initiatives which are planned aside for the enhancement of this club. Their swimming pool will be ready in two months from now. There will also be a variety of other sports activities like paint ball gun game, squash, billiards, skating, volleyball and scuba diving. They are also planning to open a dance academy, discotheque, gym and marriage party lawn and hall. Besides, they are contemplating to come up with a rooftop open restaurant and food courts with hookah facilities. They even want to take four acres of land and plan Jhoom Sports Club in a bigger and better way.