Majestic Forts That Reflect Odisha’s Rich Heritage!

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Riddled with anecdotes of battles and invasion, the glorious land of Odisha is studded with myriads of forts which boast of valour and chivalry. The detailed architecture and poised facades of these defensive paragon still stand proud offering picturesque sight and narrating the tales of the fallen empire buried inside them. A tour to these cultural heritage sites will not only behold your senses but will also give you memories to treasure lifetime!

Here’s a list of the forts in Odisha which you ought to visit someday:Barabati Fort

Rising perpendicular amongst the thronging old colonial buildings and the colourful bazaars of narrow, livelier lanes of Cuttack, the magnificent Barabati Fort has stood the perils of time keeping a watch on the silver city!

Built during 14th Century by the Ganga Dynasty, the scars on the artful facades has a lot to speak about its age-old fortunes and falls of the ruling dynasties. With its moat sprawling across, the gate and the earthen mound of the nine-storied citadel displays sheer architectural excellence. Built with laterite and sandstone, the fort dazzles tawny reddish colour under the sunlight. Home to scenic landscapes, this fort is a must visit for every Odia to witness the resplendence and beauty.

Chudangagada Fort

Enclosed with thick walls, this is one of the most imposing forts adding another feather of golden era on Odisha’s crown. Built by Lalatendu Kesari of Kesari Dynasty, this fort is tucked about 14kms away from the eclectic streets of Bhubaneswar and features intricate detailing.

Embodied with a palace of sixteen rooms, a granary and impressive religious shrines, this fort has not only kept the magnificence of its past legacies alive but has also been a reflection of the authentic Kalinga architecture. Including many water bodies, the fort is fortified with large laterite blocks which glisten under the sun-rays lending a mesmerising aura to the place. Why not plan a visit here this weekend and listen to the endless tales it has to narrate?

Raibania Fort

Though found in ramshackle now, the steep history of the Rabania Fort has witnessed the cruel conquers done in the past. Considered as the biggest medieval fort of eastern India, this fort echoes its own glorious yesteryear.

Built during the Buddhist era in Odisha, this group of ancient forts in the Baleswar District, has 161 fort goddesses known as Durga Devata or Ishta Devata. The old folklore speaks that the forts here were annihilated during the invasion of Kalapahada.

Exemplifying the level of royalty, this fort typically represent the quintessence of the rulers of Eastern Ganga Dynasty. Still standing strong with its natural brilliance, this is a perfect place to explore history!

Sisupalgarh Fort

Another blast from the past, the Sisupalgarh Fort discovered near Bhubaneswar, recites of splendour and opulence. The remains of the ancient city are believed to flourish prior to the Mauryan empire rule.

The glacis and the moats discovered during excavation narrates of the Sisupalgarh’s defences which were highly known during this period in India.

The regal remains of this glorious fort is all set to cast away its mystique charm that will enthrall all your senses. So when are you visiting?

Potagarh Fort

Close to the vicinity of the confluence of river Rushikulya and Bay of Bengal, the epic signature of Potagarh Fort makes an amazing historical site. Ensconced against the picturesque backdrop, the remnants of this fort takes the pride to add more to the erstwhile chapters of British Raj.

With a wide moat encircling the three sides, this fort was specifically built in a shape of a star to protect it from its invaders.

The majestic houses, buried tunnel specs compliment to the legacy of the fort making it a favourite for all the history lovers.

Old Fort

Engraved with the tales freedom struggles, the city of Sambalpur takes the pride of having a majestic old fort. The King and the Queen’s palace inside the fort still stands strong, whispering to each other. Being laced in history for its proud lineage, this fort adds its name to the list of most striking destinations.

Exploring and discovering the untold tales of these forts will not just make you proud of your lineage but also allure you to keep coming back for more!