Mirror Gallery To Be Inaugurated In Regional Science Centre Soon

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Bhubaneswar, October 13: Children visiting the Regional Science Centre (RSC) in the city would soon be able to explore various interesting aspects of mirrors through a Mirror Gallery which is likely to be inaugurated by the last week of November.

Informing about the work progress, Archana Khosla, project coordinator of RSC said, “Around 90 percent work of the Mirror Gallery has been completedand it should be entirely wrapped by November 20. We are planning to inaugurate both the Mirror Gallery and the Innovation Hub, whose work has already been completed, by the end of November. We have already approached Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik forfinalisation of inauguration date.”

Around 2.5 crore has been invested for the construction and development of the Innovation Hub and Mirror Gallery. As many as 18 exhibits will be displayed in the mirror gallery which include mirror maze (bhulbhuliya), mirror magic a, fun mirror, infinite train on mirror, cone mirror, concave mirror with upside down reflection and convex mirror among others.

“All the exhibits have been designed and made by the experts in the centre which visitors would love to see. Mirror maze will be the most interesting exhibit which we believe would attract more students and visitors,” said Khosla.

The Innovation Hub has been created by National Council of Science Museums in association with National Innovation Council and it would engage youth in innovative and creative activities. Elaborating further on it, she informed, “The hub will provide facilities to nurture new ideas and help develop inquisitive perspective in youth. It would serve as springboards for new ideas and innovation, thus helping the society and economy to face future challenges and meet rising aspirations of the growing population.”

The hub will have a Discovery Hall, Innovation Resource Centre and Hall of Fame, Idea Lab, ThodPhodJod (Break & Remake) Corner, Kabad Se Jugad (Build from scraps), Idea Box and Design Studio.

“The Discovery Hall will have around 10 to 15 interactive science exhibits/experiments to create excitement about science through exploration and discovery of underlying principles which would help promote logical thinking,” she shared.

Similarly, the Innovation Resource Centre and Hall of Fame will showcase innovative ideas/products/implements that have transformed the world or have made significant impact. “Stories or inspirations behind such innovations/inventions will also be mentioned through appropriate modes. Besides these, implements/ samples of appropriate technology and traditional knowledge systems, art and craft and other areas of importance in public life in the respective regions shall be exhibited,” she added.

The Idea Lab will have necessary basic facilities to pursue creative and innovative hobbies/activities that involve model making, basic science experimentation, design and fabrication of useful gadgets of practical use, teaching/learning kits or aids for better classroom transactions, testing of samples like soil, water, food items among others.

While in ThodPhodJod (Break & Remake) Corner, students would learn to do things with their own hands, dismantle, reassemble and remake devices/gadgets, in the Kabad Se Jugad (Build from scraps) corner, students would learn more by doing things practically using day to day scrap.

The Idea Box will facilitate students to generate their own innovative ideas and create an idea bank and the best ideas will be chosen for experimentation/model making/project work. Similarly, the Design Studio will offer creative environment to design various objects and products.

Banner and Feature Picture Courtesy:  Sanjib Mukherjee