Nila Madhab Panda’s ‘Kadvi Hawa’ To Be Screened In New York

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Bhubaneswar, October 23: ‘Kadvi Hawa’, an award winning film by Nila Madhab Panda, will be screened at the second edition of the India Kaleidoscope Film Festival (IKFF) to be held in New York. The four-day festival will begin from November 9.

The first Bollywood movie to be based on climate change, Kadvi Hawa will be the opening film at the festival. It features Sanjay Mishra, Ranvir Shorey and Tillotama Shome in the lead. The film had won a special mention award during the prestigious 64th National Award in the feature film category.

Speaking to MCL, Nila Madhab Panda said, “I am very excited about the film being screened at the festival. Since the special mention at the 64th National Award, the film has been receiving many appreciations and has been screened at various film festivals. The film is very special as we have, through this film, tried highlighting the issue of climate change that is a worldwide concern.”

The film stars Ranvir as a young bank loan recovery agent and Sanjay as a blind old farmer. The story revolves around these two ordinary people fighting for survival in two extreme weather conditions.

The film has been produced by Akshaya Parija and is going to be released on 24 November across the country. Talking about the film, Panda said, “The film is about two persons from different background who have hardly contributed to climate change, but are suffering from its adverse effects. The film is about their fight for the survival.”

“My film talks about environmental issues and conveys the hazards of climate change and its impact on people. Unfortunately, we are helpless driven further in that direction. The movie strongly delivers the message of climate change, and we have to accept the fact. However, we are still not conscious about it. Through this film I am trying to raise that consciousness towards protecting our environment,” he added.

Discussing about the increasing level of pollution in the country, Panda shared, “The whole world is in a problem today. We are sinking in terms of pollution. We need to talk and address the problem. If we don’t talk and accept it, then there won’t be a solution.”

“It was a good decision to ban crackers in Delhi. In fact, there should be a complete ban on it. There are many other ways to make merriment. It is not necessary to burn crackers and pollute the whole environment to enjoy and have fun,” said Panda.

Kadvi Hawa is Akshaya Parija’s first Hindi film venture and he is overwhelmed from the response the film has received at several forums. He says, “I am really happy as this is my first Hindi film. It gives me a lot of inspiration to continue making powerful and issue based movies.” 

Both Nila Madhab Panda and Akshaya Parija have recently completed the shooting of their upcoming film ‘Halka’, which is likely to be released by March 2018.

“We are at present busy in the post production work of our new movie ‘Halka’ that stars Ranvir Shorey in the lead role alongside Bengali actor Paoli Dam,” shared Parija.