Now You Can Order ‘Chai’ Online in Bhubaneswar

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The tea addicts of Bhubaneswar can now cozily sip their beloved hot beverage. Touted as the first online tea delivery service of the city, has made relishing tea all the more flexible. No more do we have to shoulder the strain of preparing tea. Simply clicking on & selecting from the varied flavors will let the steaming tea delivered at our doorstep.

The android app and website of was launched by a group of 10-12 IT professionals, all of whom are avid drinkers of tea. Here’s the entire exclusive that MCL got in a tete-a-tete with the chaiwallahs!

A unique venture, is owned by a small team of an IT company who love their tea way too much. Interestingly, this idea was chalked out through their odd job timings which made them crave for tea even more. However what fuelled their idea was the fact that getting a good cup of tea is difficult in Bhubaneswar and it is not always pocket friendly for people to drop in at CCD or Barista to have a refreshing cup of tea. So, the thought of coming up with an online tea service germinated from all these everyday problems which they faced.

Infact the gang had previously ran a pilot project for 2-3 months among their friends for finding the response, which turned out to be really great. From their official launching in February until now, already has a loyal customer base that ensures a business of almost 400-500 cups each day.

To enlighten about the variety of chais they offer, they firstly started with normal Indian tea, soon drifted to green tea for the health conscious ones, now serve matka tea with the very recent introduction of the lesser known Kashmiri kahwa. To enchant us more, they even have matka malai marke tea for the people who love their tea with that extra bit of malai. That apart, they will soon come up with a new brand called Jasmine tea for which the team has high hopes. We just can’t wait for the new one to go live!

Well, the minimum price of a cup of tea is Rs. 7 with the maximum being Rs. 10. So, what is the process to order? One can order as many cups at one go but the minimum order price has to be Rs. 50. Although they are not yet into a 24 X7 delivery system currently, still one can order from 8am-8pm. Their mode of payment is only cash on delivery for the time being. But, on ordering almost around 200-300 cups, they give a promo code and by using that, we can get cups, caps and other stuffs as gift.

In the Additional Instruction section of their website, people get to customise their tea on the aspects of sugar, masala and flavour. They have their kitchen in Khandagiri where there are two cooks who rustle up the chai. With the tea being delivered in maximum 30 minutes in almost every corner of Bhubaneswar and nicely served in different sizes of flasks, will surely be the best virtual hangout place for anyone who adores tea!

Although the company currently operates only in Bhubaneswar, they do have plans to spread their wings very soon. People around the capital city can only wish they roll on pretty fast!