Odia Indie Film ‘Khyanikaa’ Travels To Canada!

City Scape: Screenshots

While the Ollywood film industry toils hard to make its mark among the local audience in the state, here is an independent film from Odisha, which has reached a remarkable milestone. Produced by Susant Misra and Swastik Choudhury, ‘Khyanikaa – The Lost Idea’, is a fantasy driven cinema which has been chosen for a world premiere at Hidden Gems Film Festival in Canada during the 2017 edition of the festival in April or May.

This film is the brain child of independent filmmaker, Amartya Bhattacharyya. The 29-year-old techie has many achievements to his credit. He was awarded the Silver Lotus (Rajat Kamal) for Best Cinematography in non-feature film category at the 63rd National Film Awards by the President of India for his fantasy documentary ‘Benaras-the unexplored attachments’. Also, the first independent feature film from Odisha, ‘Capital-I’ is a creation of this artist, who happens to be a poet, writer, painter, lyricist and recitation artist.

Talking about Khyanikaa, he says, “The film is a tale of two men, a poet and a painter, claiming possession over the same ‘Idea’. Idea here, is personified as a beautiful young lady. It depicts the struggle of these two men, justifying their claimed possession over ‘Idea’ and their journey of seeking judgement from ‘Fate’, another personification. It is a story of the real world, with all its materialistic obsessions, rigid notions and prejudices, losing ‘Idea’ forever.

The film was shot with a DSLR camera and without any industry resources or equipment. The filmmaker chose virgin locales of Odisha to portray the story. It features Amrita Chowdhury as the humanised ‘Idea’ while Susant Misra and Swastik Choudhury portray the aspiring painter and poet. Choudhury Bikash Das plays a mad man, while Hrushikesh Bhoi, the artist who acts as ‘Kansha’ in the famous Bargarh Dhanu Yatra, depicts the personified ‘Fate’. Ollywood actress, Anu Choudhury appears as a guest performer.