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The upcoming film of Eastern Media Entertainment Ltd, ‘Chhati Tale Ding Dong’ is making quite a buzz and not without reason. The title apart, the film to be released under the banner of Manjari Movies has brought two leading ladies of Ollywood, Archita and Barsha together on screen for the first time opposite Sabyasachi.

Directed by Mrutunjay Sahu and produced by Soumya Ranjan Patnaik, the film also stars Bollywood baddie Shakti Kapoor. 

MCL recently caught up with the star cast of the film for a chit-chat.  Excerpts from the interviews:


Why did you say yes to this film?

The reason why I agreed to do this film is only because it’s a Manjari Movies production and they are back after a long time with their seventh project. And the character I am playing is a very demanding one. So, I am very happy. I am hoping that the film will do well when it hits the theatres. 

How was it acting with Archita for the first time?

I would say it was a wonderful experience. I have not interacted with her much, but we have chatted a lot. So I can say that she is a very sweet and caring person. Both of us play characters that are amazing and unique in their own ways and we have enjoyed it.


You will be seen in a new avatar in this movie. Can you say something about it?

Yes, actually I am portraying a very different character for the first time in my entire career. The name of my character is Sweety who is a fat girl, but doesn’t care about what others say. Rest you will know when you will watch the movie. 

How was the experience working with Shakti Kapoor and what did you learn from him?

He has been one of the most celebrated villains of Bollywood and working with him was a great honour for me. He is a very professional actor and professionalism is something that one can learn from him and other Bollywood actors. He completely adapted to our style and worked very hard with a lot of patience. I wish him all the very best. 

What can you say about the music of the film?

When the music has been given by Malay Mishra, there is nothing to comment. He is the best we have. I am very happy with the outcome. I personally enjoy all the songs and I think the audience will also feel the same way when they will hear all the numbers. 


You and Archita are quite a popular couple in Ollywood. But this time you will be seen romancing two heroines at the same time. How was the experience?


It was really very exciting for me to work with both of them. They are the topmost heroines of Odisha and I feel I am lucky to have gotten a chance to romance them. 

Tell us about your character in the film.

The name of my character is Suraj. He is from London and has come to Odisha for his ‘Swachha Odisha’ mission. He is actually confused between his love interest and friendship. Shakti Kapoor is playing the villainous character, who always keeps on troubling Suraj and stops him from doing the “ding-dong” thing with the heroines. The story is all about how Suraj encounters the villain and at one point realises that without removing him (villain) from the frame, he will not be able to fulfill his goal. The climax is awesome and totally unpredictable. So you have to go and watch the movie. 

It has been a long since you have worked with Barsha. How was the feeling of working with her again?

This is my third film with Barsha. The previous two were Dhire Dhire Prema Hela and Chhati Re Lekhichi Tori Naa, which ran for 75 and 100 days respectively. Both were huge hits and successful films. And after a long gap, we are working together. So the experience was really good and she is a very good friend of mine. The characters of Barsha, Archita and mine will be like a treat for the audience. 

What about the songs in the movie?

We primarily focused on the melody and ‘Bhasani’ environment of Durga Puja. The songs have been made keeping these things in mind. Every song has its unique identity. There are two title tracks featuring both the heroines. The one involving Archita is a dance number and the other with Barsha is a romantic number. 

How was it working with Shakti Kapoor?

I was very nervous when I had to give my first shot with him. That particular day was his birthday and I had to insult him by holding his collar and kicking his photo. That was the demand of the scene. So I was literally very nervous. But after meeting him, all nervousness vanished because he was very cooperative. He is an excellent person. So, subsequent scenes with him became very easy for me. 


For the first time, you and Barsha are working together in a film. Tell us how was the experience working with her?


Barsha is one of the most followed actresses in Ollywood. She is very beautiful and a good person. So I was very happy working with her. Sharing the screen with her was definitely a great experience for me. I would say that the characters that both of us (me and Barsha) have played are sweet, new and unique in their own ways. Particularly Barsha’s character was a bit difficult to play. 

There are two heroines against a single hero. What do you have to say about that?

Yes, after a long time, I have done such a movie. In my previous film, ‘Bye Bye Dubai’, I did a double role against two male leads. But this time, there are two lead actresses opposite one hero. So I would say that this would be a new experience for the audience. No one in the industry believed that both of us (Barsha and me) would agree for the same project. But ultimately we are doing it together and I guess this would be a real treat for the audience. 

You have worked with Shakti Kapoor for the first time. How was the experience?

When I was a kid, I had seen many films of Shakti Kapoor and I always used to get scared by the very sight of him. So the thought of him, standing right in front of me, used to give me goose bumps. But after I met him, I came to know that he is a very nice person, completely down to earth and very trendy. He is very amiable, and was friendly with each one of us on the sets. I think he has accepted Odisha wholeheartedly. Of course, he is an awesome actor and has set a new trend for villains in the Odia film industry. 

Did you learn anything from the veteran Bollywood actor?

Yes, I have learnt one thing from him – Even if you become a very famous actor, you should know how to talk or behave with people and be friendly towards them. All of us thought that he would be arrogant and a little different from us. Rather, he used to gel well with everyone and we had a lot of fun behind the camera. Sometimes, he used to come to our rooms suddenly and have meals with us. I think he is a mind blowing person. 

Can you throw some light about your look in the film?

I am playing the role of an NRI girl in the film. I think after Bye Bye Dubai, the audience will once again love this look of mine. I will be seen as an NRI Odia girl in this film who lives in London and has come to Odisha for the sole purpose of doing some social service. I am hopeful that my fans will appreciate this character as well as my look in the film.