Prepare To Be Amazed With What You Might Not Have Already Known About Anubhav Mohanty!


You can call him a thief because he has stolen the hearts of millions. He is a perfect combination of stardom, responsibility and patriotism at a young age, and has always taken much pride in being an Odia. Here are some very interesting rare facts about superstar Anubhav Mohanty and MP of Rajya Sabha for Odisha, that will make you love him more!

1) Passionate about cricket, besides being a tough politician and an amazing actor

Every year, Anubhav makes sure that he definitely plays the opening game of KPL (Kalinga Premiere League) which is organised by KIIT University. That is how much he loves cricket! Adding on to his passion even more is the fact that he is the captain of the team STAR 11 which is a cricket group comprising of Ollywood celebrities.


2) The youngest member of Rajya Sabha till date

Many might not be knowing that Anubhav at the age of 32 became the youngest member of Rajya Sabha. Even after being the youngest, he is quite active during every session of the House and timely brings in issues regarding the state.


3) His debut was a box office history

He broke all the past records of the box office budget in his very first movie, “I Love You” making the flick a super hit. This movie keeps re-releasing in different times of the year at various places and interestingly its DVD has not released yet!


4)  A movie hall in Cuttack always has one of his movies playing on his birthday week

As a token of adoration, the Brindavan Talkies in Cuttack always screen one of Anubhav’s movies during his birthday week. Moreover, even after having seen his flicks many times, people still flock to watch it all over again!


5) Besides being an actor, he has his own production house

And it goes with the name of Vishnupriya Arts and Graphics that has been kept after the name of Anubhav’s grandmother, Vishnupriya Mohanty. Interestingly, the mesmerizing actor has already produced movies including Hata Dhari Chalutha, Something Something 2 and many more. We can’t really wait for more! 

6) One of the few Odia actors who has endorsed national brands

Although time and again we can notice Anubhav promoting some of the regional brands, but it doesn’t just stop there. There are even the advertisements of national brands like Lux Cozy and Luminous Inverters wherein the hero has dazzled everyone with his own persona!


7) This die hard fan has Anubhav’s tattoo on his hand and there’s more to it!

Well, the person is famously known as Chintu Anubhav who has the superstar’s face engraved on his hand. What you might not be knowing that this crazy fan has much recently inked the face of Anubhav’s wife, Barsha, on his other hand too.


8) But Anubhav is a fan of this superstar!

Our hero Anubhav closely follows and admires another superstar, who is none other than Salman Khan himself. So much so, that Anubhav is named as Bhao by his fans just like Salman is addressed as Bhaijaan. Infact, according to sources he is soon going to get a look similar to Salman for one of his movies.