Prepare To Be Spooked With The Tales Of Odisha’s Most Haunted Places!

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“It was one thing to talk about ghosts, and quite another to have them messing around with things in the physical world.” – Hunter Shea, Island of the Forbidden

All of us might be scared of something or the other! Few fear their phobias while most people get terrified with the unseen things around them. In this rapidly changing society, people are a lot practical to believe in the supernatural and paranormal. Yet the following stories and experiences can cast a spine-chilling memory!

Keeping in mind all the excitement and terror, here we pen down some spooky stories of Odisha’s highly haunted places! 

Mangalojodi Tree | Tangi, Khordha

Acclaimed as Odisha’s one of the most haunted places, here, the prophecy of a possessed girl said that the tree takes 21 lives before Dussehra. According to villagers, people those who touch this tree die within a few hours or days. Hence everyone is strictly prohibited to go anywhere near it after sunset. Weird tree, huh!

State Highway | 50 kms from Bhubaneswar

The spot is said to be haunted by a woman’s spirit who was killed on this highway. Some of the passers-by have seen a lady asking for lift but she disappears when the vehicle stops. And if the vehicle doesn’t stop, then a deafening scream is heard which turns out into a creepy giggle. In fact, this highway curve has led to a large number of accidents. Eyes and ears on the road, literally!

Regional Institute of Education | Bhubaneswar

Students committing suicide has become really common these days. As per the localites, this well known institute is known to be haunted by spirits of some students who committed suicide. People have heard sobs and seen apparitions walking on the roof at night. Haunted Institute, scary enough!

Jatan Nagar Palace | Dhenkanal

This palace of 100 rooms has been known to be owned by a cruel king in order to keep people as his slaves and animals under control. In fact, he had also made special torturing rooms. On the day of this palace’s inauguration, the architect was called by the king to get beheaded which was later stopped by the king’s brother who even ordered to vacate the place. Thereafter, one of the king’s family members went to stay in the palace but disappeared. People living in nearby areas have reported of hearing people’s cries here!

Haunted House | Puri

According to the stories narrated by the locals, the owner of the house had committed suicide but he was always quite fond of his place. The people who bought the house later reported that they could feel the presence of the former owner. Feeling the ghost of the ex-owner of your house is actually quite creepy!

Chaandpur Village | Nayagarh

Once the father of a boy named Shivu got attacked by an evil spirit. When the father saw a girl named Jhilli, she got possessed as well. On becoming the victim, Jhilli revealed the devil power of the tree which housed the evil spirit. Later, Shivu and some other villagers attempted to cut down the tree, but got killed instead! Not many folks dare to go near this tree now.

Haunted House | Balasore

According to the stories heard, a family of three shifted to Balasore. After moving in, they realized that they were not alone. In the next week, there were rashes and scars on their body. Well, having scars out of nowhere might just give goosebumps! Want to know the exact location? Well, I’m sorry but you’ve to find it all by yourself because some things look better as a mystery! Good luck! Be safe.

Haunted Hostel | Markat Nagar, Cuttack

This old girls’ hostel, now an abandoned building, in Cuttack is presumably haunted! People have experienced paranormal activities and the one thing that is common in every  story is the mention of the spirit, probably an old person who vanishes when someone approaches. Calm down, oldie! Why give others a mini heart attack?

Well, it might really give you cheap thrills after visiting these places and talking to the local people. So, do you really want to visit these places? Think about it again! And do give your suggestions about any other place you know, but do it silently because Ssssshhhhhh… Koi Hai…!!!!!