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Who doesn’t love discounts? And, if you manage to get it from your favourite outlet, it cannot just get better. That is exactly what has been trying to do for its customers ever since it hit the digital world in 2015. This unique web portal brings exciting deals, discounts and offers from various outlets across the twin cities for its customers.

Brainchild of two young entrepreneurs Priyabrata Sen and Pooja Rath, the portal was started with an objective to become a pre-visit web portal for a customer before stepping out into the market. As the name suggests, the portal can avail anything for its customers in terms of deals and discounts, be it from hotels, restaurants, beauty parlours, spa, boutiques, garments, health clinics, gym fitness, sports club, vehicle washing, hobby or activity classes

The portal, which basically targets people living in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, has been serving 3000 plus customers till now, partnering with more than 700 outlets across both the cities.

Co-founder Priyabrata Sen tells MCL how one can become a customer with them. “It is quite simple. If someone wants to avail our deals and offers, all he needs to do is visit the website and get registered as our customer. The discounted deals and offers we give are very unique and exclusive for our registered customers only. You cannot find the same deals anywhere outside, not even in the outlets. We also give Rs. 30 as cash points to our customers right after they register with us. The idea is to encourage people to become our customers.”

He further informs, “10 cash points are equal to rupee one. So, with Rs. 30 which is equivalent to 300 cash points, customers can avail at least a pair of offers. First the customer needs to login to our site and buy a coupon that is mentioned on a certain outlet. After buying it, both the customers and the concerned outlet will get a confirmation message along with a code on their email as well as phone, which is valid only for 15 days. Within this specified time, the customer can go to the same outlet and match the code to avail the offer. We have already tied up with around 700 plus outlets and partnership with many others is under processing.”

To this, Pooja Rath, adds, “The youth population in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack is on the rise since many of them are coming here from outside for their education. They are our target customers since they do not have much idea about the different outlets in the city. Ours is a pre-visit website, through which they can avail the various offers that are available in the outlets and which are applicable only through our web portal.”

Sharing some more highlights of their venture, she informs, “We have introduced a ‘review option’ in the portal through which customers can share their experience and give feedbacks, earning 50 cashpoints. Also we have included ‘Facebook share’ option, through which the customer can share the offer he/she availed with his/her friends, thereby getting a 10% discount on the coupon price. We are eager to serve everyone, especially the young mass so that they can save that extra penny while availing any service.