Satyajit Jena: The Rising Star

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A young lad of 13 years, singing sensation from Odisha, Satyajit Jena rose to fame in the singing reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs 2017. The irrefutable innocence in his voice touched the hearts of the audience and Satyajit went on to become the first kid from the state to bag the ‘Silver Baton’ Award for his musical achievements. His musical feats can be seen on YouTube where thanks to his songs, his channel has gathered more than 4 lakh subscriptions.

Selected for an award by YouTube on November 24, Satyajit has never looked back since he started his singing journey on national television. Throwing away all misgivings of an uncertain future in singing after his voice underwent a transformation during the competition, following which he had to quit the show, he has continued with his passion for singing and does shows regularly. He is now a promising name among singing talents from Odisha.

Team MCL caught up with him for an interview as he shared some of his memorable moments from the show. Excerpts.

When did you discover the singer in you?

My father owned a brass band that played music at different parties and functions. Music was always a part of our family. I was four years old when I heard my sister singing for the first time. That has been the most influencing moment of my life. I started to try singing like her. Gradually, my father noticed my passion towards singing, and asked me about my interest in singing. I replied, “Singing is what makes me happy.” Thereafter he got me enrolled for classical singing training.

Generally, most kids these days are under the pressure to excel in academics. Did you ever undergo such pressure to be better at academics instead of pursuing your singing career?

Luckily, my family has never pressurised me to ignore my passion for academics. Since I was good at singing, my parents always wanted me to make a career in singing in the future. So, they always encouraged me to follow my interest. Even my father who is also a good singer, helped me a lot. But, at the same time, my father has always explained me that studying is equally important in life like singing.

You started your singing journey from a national music reality show. How was the experience?

That was one of my most memorable journey so far. I enjoyed a lot being on that show, despite having to face many challenges. The major issue for me was the climate. I had to face many health issues because for high levels of pollution. I was even admitted to the hospital for respiratory problems. Another problem that I had to face was the incompatibility of my voice with somebody else during a duet, as I used to sing at a very high pitch. I had to keep adjusting my voice a lot during the song.

Everyone was good and cooperative on the show, all my co-singers are now good friends of mine, but Sreyansh is my favorite among all, while Javed Sir was my favourite among the judges.

Why did you leave the show in the middle?

As I said, I had to face many health issues during the show, which had a great impact on my voice. Moreover, my voice was going through a transformation phase at that time. My doctor, thus, advised me to take rest and refrain from putting more pressure on my vocal cords. I could have completed the show if it was held within the scheduled time. But as the second schedule was delayed, I could not cope being there for that long. However, my contract with the channel still continues.

Tell us about one of the most memorable moments in your life.

Of the many memorable moments in my life, I can never forget how I had to change my school and get admitted to another school after I came back from the show. I was surprised at the grand welcome I received when I joined my new school. It not only made me feel good but also made me realise my responsibility towards my state.

Which has been the most difficult phase in your singing journey so far?

I went through a very bad phase during the show. My father had to stay with me while I participated in the show. His band had to close down since he was away. Even, I did not do many shows because of the condition of my voice. Consequently, things became very difficult for us.

What is your future plan?

As always, it will be to pursue a career in singing. But I also want to do something for the underprivileged kids in our society, beyond my musical aspirations. I believe there are many talents hidden among those children. They only need proper opportunity and facility to bloom in life.

Feature and Banner Image Courtesy: Odisha Sun Times