Satyajit Pradhan: The New Singing Sensation Of Ollywood!

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He is being touted as the new singing sensation in Ollywood and not without reason. Satyajit Pradhan has been lately lending his melodious voice to many Odia films, the latest being ‘Chhati Tale Ding Dong’ and ‘Love Payen Kuch Bhi Karega’, both Dusherra releases. Winner of reality show ‘Amari Swara’- Season 2, Satyajit has also sung for several albums including one in Hindi, ‘Ehsaas’.

Excerpts from an interview with MCL

When and how did you get into this profession?

I started singing at the age of three, as my mother tells me. According to her, whenever I heard a song, I used to attentively listen to it and start singing it in a similar fashion. At times, I used to practice for an entire day. So gradually, my singing skill came to everyone’s notice and I started getting invitations to sing at different programmes as a child artist. From melodies to Durga Puja celebrations, I started singing before a crowd and by the time I was five, I had already bagged my first prize in singing.


How was the journey during the initial days of your singing career?

It was very tough. During those days, though my family members used to appreciate my talent, they did not want me to pursue a career in this field. Like in any typical family, my father wanted me to pursue higher studies. The only person supporting me was my sister. Of course, I was putting in my best efforts, participating in different programmes and competitions. But due to lack of support, I could not take up professional training till 2009.

When and how did you get a chance to sing for Odia film industry?

In 2004, I got my first break in Ollywood but it was only in 2010 that I got recognition for my singing as I bagged the best singer award that year. Before 2004, I used to go to recording studio to record songs in group (for chorus). But famous music director Prem Anand noticed my talent and gave me my first song for a film. However, it was only in 2010 when I got a chance to sing for the film, ‘Kichi Khatta Kichi Mitha’ under Abhijit Majumdar that I bagged an award for the song ‘Fagu Fagu Ei Akash’ which had become a super hit then.

Which has been the most difficult period in your life so far?

In the year 2012, I had a serious accident when I fell down from the roof and damaged my neck. I could not sing for two years. I was completely depressed but I never left practice and that sort of helped as I finally bounced back in 2014.


What do you think – Can anyone sing with practice and hard work or is it entirely God’s gift?

I think anyone can become a singer with hard work and practice. But the art is a God gifted one. So I believe that though anyone can sing, to be a successful singer, one needs the blessings of God.

These days it is seen that the quality of songs is deteriorating. Who do you think is responsible for this?

First of all, I would like to say that not all songs being churned out today are of poor quality. Yes, there are a few which are not up to the mark but for that the entire team is responsible. It isn’t the fault of a single individual.

You have been into social work from a young age. Any particular reason for that?

No, there is no specific reason. I am very fond of kids and generally cannot see them in pain. So, there is this organisation in Cuttack that works for children suffering from cancer and I am also a part of it. We keep doing charity shows to help these kids. It gives me a lot of satisfaction when I am able to help them.


It said that behind the success of every man, there is a woman. So, is there a special inspiration for Satyajit too?

Yes, there is and she is my true love. I cannot take her name though she is my pillar of strength and inspiration.

What are you aiming for in life?

To sustain in this profession, I have struggled a lot and have also done tremendous hard work. While I was eventually lucky, there are many such talents who are not able to come to limelight due to lack of exposure.

Till 2009, I did not get any professional training for singing. After completing my graduation, I had to move out of state for higher studies but since I was missing my singing, I came back home and took admission in Utkal University. That was when I took a step towards realising my dream by taking training under Guru Pradeep Patra and then Guru Sri Sivram Pramar in Mumbai. Although there was no looking back after that, I believe I could have sung many more songs if I had the training opportunities at the right time. So, my aim is to start a decent training centre for all such singing talents of Odisha.