Sexuality Is An Individual Choice, Says Big Brother of Bigg Boss Contestant Sabyasachi!

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Bhubaneswar, October 12: Sabyasachi (Shagoon) Satpathy, the first person from Odisha to have made way into the controversial Bigg Boss house is making his presence felt in the show, for reasons more than one!

36-year-old Sabyasachi, who is a well-known fashion designer from the state and has also hosted a popular cookery show for OTV, is not just appearing all sensible and matured in the show, he is also winning the hearts of many of his co-contestants, thanks to his culinary skills.

Sabyasachi, who entered the show as a commoner, rather a ‘padosi’, along with Mehjabi Siddiqui, Luv Tyagi and Lucinda Nicholas, has also been doing his bit to promote Odisha on the show in whatever way possible from time to time!

The four ‘padosis’ were earlier living in a space adjacent to the main house but they have now joined the rest of the contestants with a twist! All four have been introduced to the rest of the house as a part of one rich family with Sabyasachi being the gay boyfriend of Luv, all the way from Odisha.

Pic Courtesy: facebook/SabyasachiSatpathy

Pic Courtesy: facebook/SabyasachiSatpathy

In fact, Sabyasachi got quite a few eyebrows raised when he introduced himself on the first day of the show, in a very bold and unique manner. Dressed like a classical dancer, he had no qualms in admitting that he could fall in love with either a woman or a man and that would be strictly his personal choice!

Former Ranji cricketer Jitu Satpathy and brother of Sabyasachi, however, is very excited and happy about his performance in the house so far.

Stating that Sabyasachi is very mature and can handle all situations in the house very well, Jitu told MCL, “The overall performance of Sabyasachi has been really good till now. The game is such that one has to control one’s anger and keep aside ego and status if one wants to sustain in the house for a long period and Sabya can do that very well. He is friendly and entertaining. I feel the other inmates would love him”

Pic Courtesy: facebook/JituSatpathy

A supportive and proud brother, Jitu warmly talked about Sabyasachi’sintroduction video, stating, “Sexuality is the individual choice of a person. As long as he is not doing anything wrong, there is no issue. Moreover, time has changed and the present generation is very open-minded.”

All the four ‘padosis’ have been assigned a secret task too, to hide their real identity from the rest of the house as long as possible. “All the four contestants are very strong and I believe they can maintain the secret for quite a long time. However, I feel Lucinda might commit some mistakes,” opined Jitu.

Sabyasachi’s family members, in fact, had no idea till the end that he was going to enter the Bigg Boss house as one of the contestants. “It came as a big surprise for us. He was frequently visiting Mumbai for various audition rounds and but he never told us anything. He only said that something big is going to happen soon,” informed Jitu.

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