Singling Them Out On V-Day!

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With the advent of the ‘week of love’, couples across the world are going haywire. “Chocolate Day? Oh my God, I thought it was Propose Day!” can be heard in conversations in and around in the city. There are seasoned couples who have been celebrating V-Day since ages, or fledgling couples, who are nervous about “DTR” – defining the relationship! It’s a romantic, stressful as well as a week full of anticipation for couples. Despite opposition from fringe groups, V-Day continues to be as popular as ever and the number of couples seems to double every year. So, what about the singles? Contrary to public opinion, single people do not wallow in sorrow on this day. Some people confess their feelings to their paramours, and some just celebrate their singlehood! MCL talks to a few singletons around town and figure out their feelings about Valentine’s Day.

Bibha Barsha Mohanty says, "To be honest, I have never liked Valentine’s Day. It’s so overly mushy and cringey, that’s just my opinion, I know it’s not a very popular one! One shouldn’t just show love on that day.”

Ipsita Subudhi concurs, “There is no specific day to celebrate love. I believe it’s a journey from the beginning…forever, if you’re lucky! V- Day is just an occasion to show love with gifts and all, but I believe that if you’re in love, you should show your love every day.”

Shristi Roy explains, “I have been single for the longest time, but this has not influenced my perception about Valentine’s Day. Stereotypes about single people being depressed on V-Day are all smoke! I will never fall prey to this facade.“

Shrutee has a funnier perspective. She exclaims, “Valentine’s Day for me is all about special offers in chocolates! The perks of being single is that I can pamper myself; this is my ‘me time’! I can treat myself to my favourite goodies and not compromise; there are some great deals going on! I am not against Valentine’s Day, but I would like to celebrate and make myself my own Valentine.”

Well, Valentine’s Day does demonstrate some really over-the-top marketing schemes. So, is it cumbersome for the singles, we ask!

“It’s become more of a ‘trend’ than an actual display of love. Not everything needs to be a public spectacle! Too much commercialisation”, quips Bibha.

Soumya Rout cannot agree more. “I seriously think V-Day is way over-hyped. It’s not a case of sour grapes, I’ve seen both sides of the coin!”

“With the growing times, it has become a huge business opportunity for people across industries! I do not disagree with the idea of celebrating love, but doing so mindlessly is sheer stupidity. Couples, please don’t spend your hard-earned money on rubbish deals!” adds Shristi

Does that mean V-Day is a pointless waste of time?

Soumya adds, “I think we need to re-discover the essence of Valentine’s Day. It’s a day for love. Not necessarily romantic love, but love for our family, our friends, even for our pets!”

Dishant Das sums it up beautifully. “I don’t mind it! It’s amazing seeing people celebrate their love and affection. Couples face enough badgering from many “activists” already. I don’t want to add on to that. They’re celebrating love, and that’s a wonderful thing, so raining on their parade would be dumb on my part. Umm, talking about the discounts, well, they deserve it. It’s their week after all. I wouldn’t really have to care about the discounts, because neither do I have to go out on a date, nor do I have to buy my partner any gifts. It would be a good time to shop, though!”

One thing’s for sure; there’s no denying the fact that V-Day is an intrinsic part of a popular culture. And so there we have it. A motley bag of youngsters from the city, all with their different points of view, each of them correct. Will their opinions change if they will fall in love? Maybe, we’ll find out next year!

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