Some Refreshing Odia Drinks You Might Have Missed Out This Summer!

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Hot days call for chilled sips! Even when the monsoon is just few days away, it is still blazing hot outside. So we have got some healthier, tastier and authentic Odia drinks for you. Most of these refreshing combinations can be easily prepared at home and will let you cool off in no time.


Bela Pana
This delicious drink is enough to replace your soft drinks and leave you refreshed instantly. Being full of medicinal qualities, it is prepared by mashing the Bela pulp with water and mixing chhena, mashed banana, grated coconut along with other spices. It is even meant to be great for treating stomach ulcers!

Landa Baguli – Dahi Sharbat

Nowadays, the internet is abuzz with the sabza seeds which are topping everyone’s kitchen essentials. Locally known as Landa Baguli, these seeds are good for stomach. Its drink is made by soaking the seeds in whipped sugar, curd and served by adding chilled water. Lime juice can also be added for an extra fruity punch!

Dahi – Pudina Sharbat

This drink has all the punch you need in a summer afternoon. Prepare it by blending mint, ginger & green chilly together and then add yogurt, water, lime juice and salt into it. Top with ice cubes and sprinkle some rock salt for an extra zing!

Khajuri Mishri – Lembu Sharbat

In this, the natural sugar of date palm (khajuri mishri) is firstly dissolved in water, then it’s strained and lime juice is added. To make it look more appealing, soaked sabza seeds and ice cubes are topped on it. Sometimes soda or mint mojito are also added for a refreshing splash.

Aamba Pana

Come summers and mangoes or mango drinks become a favorite of everyone. In this, smashed mango pulp is mixed with grated coconut, some curd, water and sugar to render a lip-smacking result! For an extra punch, you can even add a little bit of edible camphor and some finely chopped fruits!

Tanka Torani

Our list will be incomplete without the mention of this quintessential summer drink which is also Odisha’s one of most popular drinks hugely available in the Puri temple. In this, water is added to cooked rice and mixed thoroughly. And then the ingredients are added into the rice-water mixture, chilled and served in earthen pots.

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