The Beauty Of Odisha & Reasons To Visit Here At Least Once!

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What does a traveller seek? Bliss, inner peace or an insatiable desire to see new places, meet new people or gorge on novel cuisine, whereas, some may travel simply to get out of their routine, mundane life. In the vast country of India, Odisha is one such state that actually caters to every type of traveller. Offering a sedate blend of culture, natural scenic wonders and laden with architectural marvels, Odisha is a pleasant retreat for any person!

Here we list out reasons why a typical traveller should never miss on exploring this majestic state, which can be termed as a little India in itself. The places you will see here deserve to be visited at least once in your lifetime. Welcome to Odisha!

1) A Laid-back Retreat

Odisha, though lesser known among many travellers, provides a retreat like no other destination. Anyone from a Buddhist devout, culture enthusiast or just a simple backpack traveller, will find Odisha ‘THE’ place to travel. From beautiful mornings at Deomali in Koraput to majestic sundowns at Chilika will certainly make you amazed of their beauty. Truly, this state has more in her ‘bucket’ of offerings than in your entire ‘list’ of places.

Deomali Koraput _ Retreat1

Courtesy : Partha P Patra 

2) A Citadel of Temples

Let’s face it, India is a nation with plethora of temples to visit and cherish, but only few states have distinctive architecture in the temples that is entirely unique to the world. Well, Odisha is one such state which has a splendid temple culture. Interestingly, Odisha’s capital city, Bhubaneswar richly dotted with more than 1000 temples is christened as The Temple City.  LingarajRajarani  and Mukteswar Temple located in the capital city are one of the finest example of the Kalingan architecture. Unique in itself with immaculate carvings & intricate sculptures, a tour of these temples is a must.

heritage walk bhubaneswar lingaraj temple

Courtesy : Diana Sahu

3) An Oceanic Paradise – “Beaches”

Imagine 485 kms of long coastline almost equaling Mumbai to Goa, with just an add on of exotic, unhindered & beautiful beaches stretching to almost an entire distance of the state. From International surfing events at Puri, to rare olive ridley mass nesting at Gahirmatha and mysterious receding beach of Chandbali, pick your splendid destination as you go further!

chandipur balasore odisha beaches tourism

Courtesy : Ar Shakti Nanda

4) Chase spectacular Waterfalls

More than the temples and beaches, one can explore as many waterfalls as they can in this state. Out of all scenic ones, the most beautiful is Duduma falls which is, by the way one of the highest waterfalls in southern India (Source:Wikipedia). Bet you would enter into Guinness if you end up finding every waterfall in Odisha. Till then, keep counting!

Duduma Waterfalls Koraput Odisha

Courtesy : Udayan

5) Battle of the Tastes

The answer to every traveller’s stomach-craving after a long hard day of scenic pleasure is here. Eccentric cuisines and a delectable line of street-food eateries is what the state boasts of. Infact, Odisha has a legend of having some of the best cooks and dishes in the history of scrumptious foods. From delicious Dalma to legendary Rasagollas and aromatic ‘abhada’ a.k.a Food of the Gods, dare not miss these, no matter what!

Odia Cuisine Dalma Odisha

Courtesy : Dalma Restaurant

6) Center of Cultural extravaganza

The rich cultural heritage of Odisha primarily has an amalgamation of the Jagannath & Buddhism cult. Mystique environs of Lord Jagannath temple, eroticism of Konark’s Sun temple or even the wondrous caves here stand as a testimony to Odisha’s eloquent past. However, lately enough, the state has showcased its culture through various fests. Of particular interest are the Konark Dance Festival, International Sand Art Festival, International Surfing festival, Dhauli festival and many more.


Ramchandi Beach odisha puri

Source : 

So, for your next trip, choose on carefully. Because here we have talked about a state that can cheer you up with an unmatched experience. All you will take back from Odisha, is a bagful of exciting memories to narrate to your fellow companions. Get set, go!