The Best Of Women Tribal Jewellery In Odisha!

City Lights: Fashion

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Tribals of Odisha are laced with the treacherous hilly areas and are still dependent on forest resources for survival. But since time immemorial, these tribals especially women, have been very particular about their fashion sense and adorn themselves with exquisite pieces of jewellery!

Here’s listing up some of the jewelleries which have been a prime part of every tribal woman’s life:


This incredible thing adds an extra spark to the charismatic personality of the tribal women. From Chudi to Kacha, Balang to Baling, Sunguri to Kaja Tedua, these contemporary bangles are utter fashionable to glam up for any occasion. Made of brass mostly, these bangles come in different shapes and sizes.

 Neck Ring

With polished contours, these round metallic elements add a dash of boldness to every tribal woman. Known as Hansuli by Oraon, Kagudika by Dongra Kondh and Kagdang by Kutia Kondh, these items not only complement the collar bone but also accentuate their outfit. Not just one or two, women mostly prefer to wear a lot of them at a time!



Waist Chain

Away from the world where fashion rules, the tribal women exactly know how to deck themselves up! The dainty, dazzling waist chains gleaming with detail is the perfect contrast for the waist. These elements not only express the artistic statement of the tribal women but also retain a classic regal look!



By adding a glamorous vibe to the tribal trend, these colourful necklaces look amazing on a tribal woman’s attire. Be it with different shades or brass beads and even paired with coins of fancy charms, these elegant necklaces are extremely subtle and modish!


The trend is to typically stack too many hoop rings on the upper ear! Apart from being interesting, these earrings reflect the culture of nomadic and adventurous lifestyle of tribal women!



Nose Ring

Giving an edgy look, these nose rings, often referred as Septum rings are pierced on the area between the nostrils. Not only these rings give a classy twist to the tribal look of women but also describe their mystique allure!



Amalgamation of style and elegance, these tribal anklets kindle the charm of one’s personality. Addressed as Andu, Khadu, Pairi, Kalpati or Panhari by different tribes, these graceful anklets create their own unique style and are a definite pick for any season.


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