The Best Places For Sipping Unique Varieties Of Tea In Bhubaneswar!

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Be it a routine morning ritual or a sip during heavy working hours, be it at home, office or any restaurant, this magic concoction not only rejuvenates the senses but also sets one's mood on a jolly tune. Yes, we are talking about that very own cup of tea. This beverage has its own charm and has many varieties to suit everyone's state of needs.

We celebrate 15th December each year as the International Tea Day, since this cuppa has many loyal lovers all around the world. Here's an insight of exclusive tea outlets in Bhubaneswar where you can sip some of the most flavorful varieties of tea! 



Opened recently in Bhubaneswar, this place has become quite a head turner. It lets you not only drink tea but also brew it the way you want from among teas collected around the world, plus you can buy them too. With a collection of over 40 variants of tea, it's a paradise for all the tea- lovers out there.



The tea variants can take you on a virtual journey from a sublime beach to oriental countryside and suburbs. From fruity, tangy and spicy, their unique ambiance will make it your favorite place to go.



There is no presence of tea dust or tea bags at all as they believe it compromises with the quality, hence they use good quality tea leaves. You can prepare your tea and also add the lemon and honey to bring out the authentic taste of tea.



Along with complementary cookies baked at their own bakery, they turn your experience into a playful one. They give a tea crossword puzzle to solve which you can try your hand at. An amazing thing is that there's a timed alarm clock which will tell you the perfect time to sip in your tea.



They also have magazines and newspaper daily editions for the customers. An added jackpot is the delicious food which complements with the divine taste of tea. Waffles, pancakes, tarts they have it all.



If you prefer drinking outdoors, then you can also enjoy beneath their unique tea mountains. Apart from all these wonder facilities, you can treat yourself to different books, DVDs, music numbers on tea info etc. So just go and try it for yourself folks!

Location: Shahid Nagar



Cradled in a locality where college students frequent a lot, this place is also among the new comers in the Temple City and has come into the hot brewing culture soon enough.tea-lovers-2


A cozy little space which serves around 100 variants of tea, their motto is to not only to inculcate healthy drinking but also to provide health alternatives. They have plethora of tea types from Darjeeling, Assam and other places where the best tea crop is grown. Apart from a range of organic ones, they also serve teas which have a mono flavor like hibiscus, chamomile, thyme etc. You can even find a good collection of novels and story books to accompany your chai time. The amazing liquid indulgence comes along with chips so that you can enjoy a pinch of saltiness with it. With a plan to bring in more types of teas into their menu, the current list is worth trying.



About 5 to 6 varieties of teas come in the form of dust bags but for others it’s the original tea leaves. Some are even carefully hand rolled so as not to disturb the aroma or the taste of that particular tea. With really good musical numbers playing in the background, the vibrant interiors and colorfully painted walls, you will surely love coming back to this place for more.

Location: ITER Square



Just few weeks old, this place is doing some really brisk business and garnering real time customers sprightly. This is a place where you can find many delicacies like pizza and risotto apart from a lovable collection of beverages.chai-break-patia-bhubaneswar


But what really sweeps you off your feet is the list of the various types of teas that it has to offer to the denizens of Bhubaneswar. Be it the classic hot tea or the innovated iced ones, they will definitely impress one and all. Whether you sip it elegantly or slurp it thoroughly, the kesar sprinkled on top makes it a candy for your eyes and immensely tasty for your taste buds.chai-restaurant-food-joints-bhubaneswar


That apart, you can also have a whiff of flavored air, in ornamental hookahs. People here sometimes prefer the combo of hookahs and tea along with some munchkins.chai-break-bbsr


That apart, the beautiful ambiance which exudes friendliness all around will surely make a notch on your favorite places to be visited!

Location: PS Plaza, Patia


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