The Travellers Countdown At The Temple City – Bhubaneswar

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Aptly christened as the Temple city of India, Bhubaneswar is well famed for its alluring scenic beauty, authentic cuisine & the diverse culture. Owing to its oneness, the capital city is sure to make every traveler take back a bag full of memories. On a countdown from 5 to 1, here’s a visual take on the list of activities that can even be solitarily indulged in the city.

5 PLACES To Visit


1. Nandankanan Zoological Park

For the nature & wildlife enthusiasts, this is a celestial garden to stop by. Enriched with large species of animals, one can also spectate some of the endangered species alongwith the white tigers. Rightly the Garden of God!

nandankanan zoo bhubaneswar odisha wildlife

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2. Khandagiri & Udayagiri caves

Ornately carved rock cut caves with unique Brahmi inscriptions define this architectural masterpiece. That apart, the lush greenery, rocky hills and fine views of the city from its summit will grasp your attention!

khandagiri bhubaneswar travel trip

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3. Dhauli Hill

Dhauligiri hills houses the magnificent edicts of King Ashoka embossed on a mass of rock. Apart from the grand Peace Pagoda, some of the oldest Buddhist sculptures form a part of this very enchanting tourist spot!


Pic Courtesy: CultClicks

4. Deras Dam

A dear place to the residents of Bhubaneswar, Deras dam is anything that will demand for an ideal getaway. Situated on the outskirts of the city, the place is serene and one can even spot elephants in the elephant sanctuary located nearby!


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5. Lingaraj Temple

Dating back to the 11th century AD, Lingaraj temple stands with pride in the city and is most revered by people. Embodying a huge statute of Lord Shiva, this major pilgrimage center is richly adorned with sculptures on its spire!

heritage walk bhubaneswar lingaraj temple odisha

Source : Diana Sahu

4 places to EAT from


1. Rabi Bhai Unit 6

If you wish to treat your taste buds with some Odia street side treats, Rabi Bhai’s food zone is where you should step in. Running a small stall, the place packs a good variety of street delicacies with Bara-Guguni being the utmost flavoursome!

2. Ananta Vasudev temple

The Prasad that is served here is something which is the meal of the Gods. Its simple flavours and holy preparation will ultimately cause your taste buds to attain enlightment!

Marji Lang

Pic Courtesy: Marji Lang

3. Pahala

For a sweet indulgence, the array of stalls at Pahala in the Bhubaneswar-Cuttack highway should be definitely visited. The very mouthwatering Chenna Poda & Rasagola are some delicious sweets for a lip smack!



4. Dalma Restaurant

This is where your search ends for tasting authentic Odia meals. The Pakhala and Pithas served here will want you to keep having it in all meals. Besides, do try its finger-licking good Dalma!


Dalma Restaurant

Pic Courtesy: Dalma Restaurant

3 Places to SHOP at


1. Market Building (Unit 2)

This is one of the largest marketing blocks in the city where you can get anything you wish for. With combinations of temporary stalls & designer stores, Market builing is a paradise for the soul who know the art of barganing!

market Building

2. Ekamra Haat

One can find a variety of artifacts, clothings and various other objects based completely on the typical Odia tribal work. Do purchase a Pattachitra (Bamboo leaf painting) as an artsy souvenir!

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3. Boyanika

If you are in search of traditional, tribal and ethnic prints, this is ground zero. With a wide spectrum of choices you can almost get any print you are looking for. But if you specifically want to take back a little bit of the city with you, ask them to give you the Sambalpuri prints!

bhubaneswar handloom odisha boyanika shopping

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2 EXPERIENCES to Remember


1. Heritage walk

Also known as Padhyatra, the walk takes you on a temple run which starts from Rajarani temple and ends at the Ekamra Bana. As you go throuht the roots of the city, not only will you explore the magnificent temples but other sites of rich heritage!

heritage walk bhubaneswar

Pic Courtesy : Diana Sahu

2. Marine Drive

This exotic 35 km ride from Konark to Puri is the ultimate lazy bikers’ paradise as it provides a mini road trip experience. The Chandrabhaga beach is like the icing on the cake one can view one of the best sunrises ON A BOAT! With other amusing activities like Walk on water, surfing, ATV and scuba diving, you would surely not want to leave this land!

Puri Marine Drive Odisha Bhubaneswar travel

Pic Courtesy : Biswajeet Rana




In the Land of Gods you will find nothing but experiences which your soul craves for. The impact that this city will have on you will leave you wanting for more. All you need to do is Eat, Pray and Love